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4 Small Steps to Move Your Business into the Mobile Market

4 Small Steps to Move Your Business into the Mobile Market - Avatar Posted by SeanBarkulis under Online Marketing
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You may think that using mobile technology for your business is just for “the big guys” — but you’d be mistaken. Small and local businesses can benefit greatly by entering the mobile realm. Many of your current and potential customers are carrying a smartphone with them at all times. What better wa Read More
The first large-scale technology company that can service small businesses in all of the following four industries will have the best opportunity to be the next leading hyperlocal superstar: 1) Website building, 2) email/loyalty marketing, 3) hyperlocal technology and 4) Online advertising, promoti Read More
In the past few years, more and more consumers are visiting local business websites on their phones and their tablets, not just their desktop. Local business owners with outdated websites or no website at all are losing countless customers because of this. Luckily, building (or re-building) a web Read More
Customers that visit your website are doing so because they are clearly interested in learning more about your business. If you have daily and weekly specials and events like happy hours, lunch / dinner specials, trivia nights, live music, sales and other promotional events, it’s important you kee Read More
A recent study by Forrester Research shows only 16% of consumers actually redeem loyalty rewards. Here are 3 quick tips on how local business owners can increase customer engagement and participation with their loyalty rewards. Read More
Small businesses have a tough time understanding online and local marketing, so it's difficult for start-ups in this industry to reach these customers. The simple website builders, however, have a huge opportunity to provide these valuable offerings when a business is building their website Read More
When a local business is looking to market its specials, sales, events and promotions, most go only as far as placing a chalk board in front of their business. Unfortunately, that's not enough. Here are 5 easy tips for the local business owner to reach far more potential customers by marketing thei Read More
I’m sorry to say it, but if your hyperlocal, consumer-focused start-up’s business model is driven by local business sales and marketing dollars, it’s most likely going to fail. I know this because I have spent the past several years dissecting and analyzing every consumer-focused, hyperlocal app im Read More
After lots of research with local chambers, I’ve noticed that the chambers provide minimal resources to local businesses on how to navigate hyperlocal and which tools are the most valuable. In my opinion, that really should be a key responsibility of the Chambers. They should be vetting and approvi Read More
Groupon has recently resorted to stealing customers from a business who is offering a Daily Deal. They do this by using Google AdWords to bid on your business's name. This means that when a customer is searching out your business, they'll see an advertisement for the Daily Deal you're offering fi Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!