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I don't think anyone would disagree with the statement that there's a LOT of artificial HYPE in the business world.  Let's talk about the AUDACITY with which we PURSUE this artificial hype. And, of course, the SOLUTION.

The ONE THING you can do to allow YOUR reality to catch up to TH Read More
Ever get frustrated with IDEAL clients who could TRULY benefit from working with you... YET.... they're not signing on? They don't recognize that they NEED you.... or they don't recognize the solution you provide? Read More
Sales NOT coming in like you'd hoped?

There are NO MYSTERIES or SECRETS at work against you. AT LEAST ONE of these 3 factors are at work. Fix them ALL and watch your own income soar. Seriously. Read More
Have you hit an unforeseen and almost unexplainable sales slump? Doing all you can, yet — still hearing crickets? Wondering WHY ME? Here is a five step investigative process that you MUST undergo before you officially send out those engraved pity party invitations. Read More
Yesterday, I met with a private client who reminded me of one of the MOST COSTLY mistakes I’d ever made in my business. To be clear, this mistake is a HUGE profit vampire affecting everyone from solopreneurs to much larger companies.

The solution? A Nibbles Notebook. (Or something mor Read More
Over the years, I’ve worked with thousands of business owners. There’s ONE TOP predictor of business struggle and failure that I think is instructive to all of us — ESPECIALLY as we launch into a new year.

As usual, though, the #1 predictor of business failure and business struggle i Read More

SELLING when NO ONE is Buying…

SELLING when NO ONE is Buying…   - Avatar Posted by bmichellepippin under Sales
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This is bound to be a popular blog post because there are SO many people looking for an answer to this “new economy” issue. "How can I sell, when NO ONE is buying – and especially not at the prices I have to sell at in order to be profitable?” Read More
Four questions every business owner should ask & answer ... to create sustainable success for their business. Starting with: Do you WANT to succeed... and other MUST ASK questions! Read More
Confused by what to do when your paid ad doesn't "work"? You're not alone!

If a paid advertising effort produces $0 in increased revenue, why would running that SAME ad (with no changes) in the SAME publication somehow produce MORE income? Zero times any number is always zero. Read Read More
Tenacity is more a VERB than adjective for successful entrepreneurs and small business owners. We work when others sleep, keep going when others give up, and face odds that make far too many run away. This mentality (and more) can be taught by this single blade of grass! Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!