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This short video may make you laugh, but if you're not using this simple URL trick to help your marketing online, I promise that you are missing out.

You can easily quadruple the marketing value of your web site's domain every time you post it online with this really simple domain name strategy.

Why every marketer online doesn't do this with their domains is a complete mystery to me. This URL capitalization strategy is so easy (and obvious!) that even this video of detailed examples is only 4 minutes long.

Was this "Internet marketing secret" too obvious to you? Or was it helpful?

This is a short video clip from my Click Millionaires Online Success Show. Please tune in to catch me LIVE on Tuesdays at 2pm ET at or subscribe to my YouTube channel or my free email list for updates Read More
You CAN do this. You CAN make it online. And you don't have to be a genius. Watch this short video to learn why Scott Fox believes in YOUR success potential.

In just a few minutes best-selling author Scott Fox spells out how your own unique background, skills, and personal perspective can be used to differentiate your online business - even if you are NOT a genius!

This is a clip from the Click Millionaires Online Success Show. Tune in to catch Scott Fox LIVE on Tuesdays at 2pm ET at or subscribe to Scott Fox's YouTube channel or his blog for free updates Read More
Have you put the power of pay per click advertising to work for your business yet?

Many online marketers have tried pay per click ads but given up. Even more people are intimidated by the technical details or expense of PPC. Does that sound like you?

Listen to this episode of the Click Millionaires Show to hear Scott Fox interview Perry Marshall, author of Ultimate Guide to Google Ad Words.

This free one hour podcast can help you learn: How to increase click-throughs (CTR) on your PPC ads and cost-effectively attract motivated buyers with PPC advertising.

This podcast is full of important business-building knowledge – free for you! More episodes available at
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Want to know how to raise money to start a new company?

In this short video Scott Fox shares strategies and new statistics on how to raise venture capital, including his suprising advice that you don't need VC money to start a new business online today.

This is an 8:22 video clip from Scott Fox's Show. Read More
How can you avoid pyramid scheme rip-offs when looking at network marketing businesses?

How do you know if a MLM company or direct selling "business opportunity" is a scam?

Many folks try network marketing (aka Multi-level Marketing or direct selling) as their first attempt at self-employment. The work-from-home appeal of MLM may attract your interest, especially if it's recommended by your friends or family.

Watch this short video clip from the Click Millionaires Show for 4 quick ways that you can avoid direct selling rip-offs and MLM scams. Read More
Have you heard about yet? offers you easy, free email alerts on teleseminars and webinars on 16 different industry-specific sign up lists.

Free education is a great way to advance your career and grow your business. With's email lists you can subscribe for emails about the free webinars and teleseminars that most interest you.

p.s. You can also use the service for publicity and promotion of your own webinars and teleseminars for free Read More
Do you need a trademark? Is a trademark filing important for a new e-business startup or small business web site?

This quick 5 minute video shares Scott Fox's small business startup advice on filing trademarks, copyright, incorporation, and how to protect yourself legally online.

It's another helpful free business-building video clip from Scott Fox's Click Millionaires Online Marketing Success Show at Read More
Listen to Scott Fox's latest free podcast live online or download a free MP3 file for valuable business-building tips like:
* When to trademark your company domain name
* Why you don't need to raise Venture Capital
* Free Web Site Templates and the duplicate content penalty
* SEO keyword optimization
* The latest Click Millionaires Scholarships and more!

Listen anytime to this simulcast of the Click Millionaires Show webcast from or to previous episodes at
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Have you been asking yourself this common blogging question:

What blog platform should I use for my new blog? Wordpress, Typepad, Blogger?

Watch this short video for Scott Fox's answer to help you make the best choice for your e-business blogging needs Read More
If you have a blog, you can now automatically convert your blog posts RSS feed into email newsletters.

Feedblitz specializes in this clever (and automatic!) conversion of RSS feeds into email new Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!