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Every day, businesses face problems that need repair. Sometimes, they are very complex. For example – how can we improve our bottom line, or how can we improve customer sentiment?

No matter the problem, though, there are always two ways to solve them.

First there is the easy way, and then, th Read More
In one way or another, we are all in the customer service business. It takes customers to buy our products, and as with any job, customer support is always necessary. But, customer service is about a whole lot more than just support. Customer service is literally, the most defining aspect of your c Read More
What would cause the CEO of a Fortune 500 company to inspect the floor tiles at their latest retail location?

Elliot carefully describes a scene where Steve spends months choosing the new tile floor for the latest Apple store. In the end, he selects a premium stone that is handcrafted in Italy. Read More
The other day, I tweeted a link to a blog post featuring 14 creative business card designs. The cards were cool, and started an internal conversation about the quality of our own business cards. Could we benefit from an upgrade? Could you?

As a designer, the simplicity of a business card has alw Read More
Earlier this week, it was reported that Google+ was already approaching 18 million users. Take that compared to Twitter’s 175 million and Facebook’s 750 million and it doesn’t look like a lot, but considering it has only been two weeks – the rate of growth is phenomenal. Clearly Google did somethin Read More
Google Places are official business listings, ordered by phone number and address, on Google Maps. The best way to think about your Google Places profile is like a yellow pages listing on the internet. When local searches are conducted for your business, your Google Places listing should be one of Read More
As many of us are still racing to figure out Facebook and Twitter, Google has dropped another bombshell on us with the introduction of Google+. The hype is certainly there, but I know many of you are asking. Do we really need another social network?
Read More
What does it mean to ship? Shipping simply means moving forward. We all have ideas and projects in mind. Theories and thoughts that we have been considering for some time. Shipping is simply the act of moving forward on those ideas, rather than letting the possibilities scare us from trying.

Thi Read More
Since the beginning of time, anyone with a product to sell or trade, has been after one thing – attention. The more heartbeats and eyeballs that touch your product, the more revenue you will generate. Like internet marketer Jim Kukral says, attention always equals revenue.

Of course, any busines Read More
Not surprisingly, Google has aimed this service at the end user of the product and not brands and businesses. This is understandable and a simple reality. Brands will always be secondary on social networks. Currently there is not a tried and true way to brand your page as a business, and there are Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!