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"They [CEOs] know, for example, that a strong customer franchise is critical to business success, and that doing business with people you trust is more predictable and efficient, and thus more profitable, that doing business with uninvested strangers." Read More
Making decisions are such an integral part of everyday life, that we hardly realise we're making them half of the time. From the minute we wake up in the morning we are making choices: should I get out of bed now, or can I wait a few extra minutes? Should I wear the striped shirt, or the striped bottoms? What should I eat for breakfast? Should I Read More
A social network can say a lot about a person, revealing habits, goals, and qualities according to a study done by Anderson Analytics. Each social network's users have distinct purchasing and online habits which make for very interesting marketing insights. Social networks are now more than ever becoming a place for niche marketing. Anderson Ana Read More
The Internet has changed everything and even more than that social media has revolutionised the way consumers use the Internet. I know you don't need me telling you that the Internet has completely changed business and the way the world runs. However, consequentially the consumer has evolved with the Internet. Read More
Do you ever wonder if consumers really trust brands? Are company and branded websites the leading source of information for consumers? Well according to Nielsen the answer is: yes and no. Branded content is trusted but not as trusted as friendship. Read More
"The dynamic of our society, and particularly our new economy, will inceasingly obey the logic of networks. Understanding how networks work will be the key to understanding how the economy works." Read More
The consumers of today want to be heard. Simply using one way mass media is not effective in today's digital society. Not only do consumers want to be heard, they want to have a meaningful relationship with brands and find fulfillment. They want a brand that actively listens to their needs and engages them in a two-way dialogue. In today's market Read More
Michael Jackson's death, more than any other recent event (including the Iranian election and swine flu) has shown once and for all just how deeply social media and its many tools are embedded in our daily lives — we might still hear things first on TV or radio, but the real dissemination of information happens in the immediate fire up across soci Read More
Interaction design defines the behaviour of a system in response to its user. When designing a website, emphasis must be placed on the user goals and experience; designs must be evaluated in terms of usability and affective influence. Read More
There is a lot built around the 'brand experience'. It is an elusive quantity that has shifting facets — the experience when purchasing, when wearing or using what you have purchased, when receiving affirmation or ridicule from others because of what you have purchased and when dealing with the fact that your item has broken, over-charged you, bec Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!