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Sport consumers are no longer using TV and newspapers as the main source to get their sport content. According to a recent study from ad network Burst Media, the sport consumers are using the web as their primary source to get hold of the latest sport news and information. 36.1 % of the men that participated in the study are using the web for spor Read More
A key marketing decision, given the multitude of techniques available, is the choice of promotional blend needed to communicate with the target audience. For the marketer, a careful approach is needed when deciding how to communicate and how to showcase your company. Social media might prove powerful, but so far, advertising in traditional media h Read More
A new report from FED Razorfish , that looks into consumers' digital habits and attitudes, are showing that the best way for brands to engage consumers on social media is to use conventional marketing techniques like various discounts and exclusive promotions. According to the report, it is more about great deals and not so much about some type of Read More
Research suggests that children develop preferences to certain brands when they are young. Starting from the brands on the packages of baby food they are fed to their mum and dad taking them to McDonald's and giving them Barbie dolls. Children are surrounded by brand labels from the day they are born and with pocket money they are able to make cho Read More
While anyone can have great content on their site this sadly doesn't promise an influx of visitors and potential consumers. There are many products that were complete flops several years ago that, if marketed properly could have been huge hits. A website is usually on of the first points of contact people will have with a product or brand so it i Read More
The future is pink and flowery for online social media it is predicted. I'm sure you could have already told me that you use Facebook much more than your little brother but research shows that social media with sites such as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace is dominated by women of all ages. Not the teeny boppers but women between 35 to 50 are increa Read More
Australians are a brand-minded people and in accordance with many of the developed nations of the world, brands like Google, Nokia, Sony and IKEA score high. In addition to this, some local treats such as Vegemite and Tim Tams have a strong following to say the least. George Patterson Y&R Brand Asset Valuator (BAV) recently made an investigation i Read More
Are you thinking of starting some sort of Social Media project for your company? A blog perhaps? It is increasingly common for companies to pay people to post comments and other content on their company blogs, and of course, having a lot of traffic helps. However, if you are considering starting to pay for posts, think about this... Read More
Many companies don't understand the value of adopting social media for their B2B marketing. They still think that marketing on social media wouldn't benefit their company, and they believe that social media marketing is only suitable for business-to-consumer (B2C) companies. However the fact is that social marketing is perhaps the most valuable an Read More
The connection between consumers and brands is intricate and most often far more complicated than thought at first sight. Something that demonstrates this growing complexity is the emergence of brand communities; people coming together and forming groups due to their admiration of a specific brand. Fahy and Jobber (2008) defines a 'Brand Community Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!