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The times already come when we’re buying presents on Amazon, sending Christmas gifts on Facebook and personalising Christmas cards with Flickr photos. What has been the biggest news for social media this year? To start with, while Facebook still reigns, the growth of Twitter has been immense. If constant news coverage and the A-list political and celebrity visitors hasn’t persuaded you this year Read More
Social Media is a great opportunity for marketing and one which provides many new ways of thinking about and organising marketing efforts. However, social media can also be hard to grasp; objectives and strategies might be difficult to handle. The widespread possibilities of social media marketing also make it a challenge to identify key strategic issues and possible problem areas. Read More
The aim of the social media marketer to learn more about the behaviour of the customer in order to better satisfy their needs is sometimes tricky when it comes to ethical issues. The European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research (ESOMAR) has in a recent survey distinguished four ethical concerns that persists in the the online marketing business, despite the often good intentioned nature of Read More
Westfield has stepped up their social media street cred and is now advertising on Facebook. They have recently got a new Christmas promotion in the shape of a Facebook application. Participants can get the app on their Facebook page which reads ‘All I want for Christmas is a $10,000 Westfield Gift Card’ on the Facebookers wall. By doing this you instantly enter yourself for a prize draw where yo Read More
A hired tweeter has earnt $3,000 for pushing a button. He finds ads he likes and is paid to post them to all his friends and followers on Twitter. Is this the final frontier for advertising? Intercepting people’s conversations and taking part in their relationships to push forward a brand? Twitter and Facebook have been developing systems in which users are paid to send ads out to their friends e Read More
It’s a frightening thought that sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube would love us to live in a world where you sit on the internet all day and never meet anyone face to face or go outside in the real world. The longer you sit online the more time you can be bombarded and subtly displayed adverts and so the more money they earn. Thankfully, we have not been fully immersed into the internet Read More
It looks like there could be a new future for social media and advertising. While brands are focusing on connecting with clients through social media ads and pop-ups may not be a thing of the past just yet as Google is running a trial on a scheme that involves web users being able to skip ads. It sounds like a dream for those who are constantly being bombarded from ridiculous, tacky ads, but what Read More
The concept of Augmented Reality (AR) is the source of much speculation in regard to the use it may have for marketing and more specifically the exciting possibilities it has for mobile marketing. Initially, the term 'augmented reality' originated from an artwork by Jeffrey Shaw in which a golden calf appears as a virtual 3D sculpture on a portab Read More
Undeniably, social media has become a corner stone of nearly all industries, particularly the marketing sector. It is an efficient means to reach a vast area of target markets and particularly engages consumers in a way that fosters the development of long-term customer loyalty. The fact that people are inherently social-beings in turn makes socia Read More
John Moore from Interpublic Group's Mullen agency has said 'We're in the early, early stages of what is now kind of being deemed 'social TV.' It all started with multi-player games and is branching out from there as over a quarter of 18 to 24 year olds are interested in adding social media features to their TV. After having profiles and gaming bud Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!