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Consumers seem to find social networking more and more important than they used to. Last year the quantity of hours that consumers spend on social networking increased with 82%. In December 2008, people spent 3 hours a month on social networking platforms and this increased to 5.5 hours in December 2009. Read More
“Ambush aerial marketing is grossly unfair, allowing companies to exploit high-profile advertising opportunities for which legitimate sponsors have paid significant dollars” said sports minister Terry Waldron. Therefore a cricket match between Australia and Pakistan in WA will be the first to be protected from unauthorised aerial advertising. The government does so in order to protect the rights Read More
It seems that people are spending less money on Valentine’s Day this year and spending more on the web. We know that Valentine’s Day has become a pretty commercial event and that many consider it as commercially driven excuse to sell more products is not a secret. But social media is managing to attract a lot of attention if it comes to Valentine’s Day this year. Read More
For Australia Day, Havaianas came up with a smart experiential campaign for their company: the Havaianas Thong Challenge. This one day lasting event will drag people to the beach for a day of fun in the surf. It’s about getting many people in giant inflatable Havaianas Thongs linked as a human chain, out on the water. Havaianas Thong Challenge attempts to break the world record for the ‘longest l Read More
Media consumption behaviour has been changing radically. While TV has still been remaining the most important media channel the number of people having watched online videos has witnessed growth by nearly 70% in 2009, while time spent on online videos has increased by 46% on average Read More
In the past, it was possible to hide negative customer sentiment from other customers; if you were unhappy with a brand, product or service you could only share this with your immediate network via word of mouth but this is not the case any more. Every comment on blogs, articles and campaigns are public these days. This is good because people really are interacting with each other but there is a Read More
This year’s Vancouver Olympic Winter Games in Canada is seeing many sponsoring companies turning to Social Media Marketing to connect with audiences around the world. Although their investment in social media is still only representing a small proportion of their total marketing budget, money that in the past had been spent on TV ads and traditional channels is now being redirected into blogs, Read More
As social media allows individuals to connect and communicate directly and quickly within their virtual communities, it has become essential for companies to enter those groups and get their brands in touch with today’s new consumer. Beside being a highly efficient tool for commercial purposes social media has taken the step to revolutionise public relations in general. Especially the latest shoc Read More
The music industry is facing more ferocious enemies than even the most musically skilled pond-dweller; strong competition, piracy, changing delivery formats, increasing costs and changing consumer needs. It seems truly very long ago since the media-moguls could rely on album sales… These days, the industry looks for money in all possible ways, ring-tones, merchandising, music rights, concerts and Read More
The whole web is crossing off tabs in disgust and sending out complaining tweets over the outrageous Toyota ad that is the winner of the Clever Film Competition. It involves a young boy and a girl’s father laughing about the ‘good pounding’ his daughter will get later and how the boy will ‘have her on her back early.’ Far from being clever, the public have shown outrage and disgust over such a gr Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!