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In the sweeping movement for change and advancement, there's been too little emphasis on the real costs and dangers of focusing too much on innovation, on establishing a culture of collective collaboration, and of taking big risks. The problem is not innovation per se, it’s the way innovation is be Read More
How can you get yourself to stop overworking when you run your own business? Here are 6 steps to a better work-life balance. Read More
Many freelancers and small business owners completely misunderstand the best ways to ensure that they’ll get paid for the work they put in and to weed out the rotten tomatoes before they start spoiling the garden. Read More
Like it or not, SEO is here to stay. If you are doing any kind of business online, you need to know how to optimize your online presence for search. What are the SEO basics you need to know to rank your site, and still have the time and money to run your business? Read More
Is your business brand looking pretty bland? Time to spice things up! Here are five angles that you can take to create an unforgettable impression of your business and brand name. Read More
How do you know when to pursue a business idea versus when not to? This is a common question. Yet, the process that answers it and the assumptions behind it are one of the least understood aspects of successful business start-up and operation, and it’s the real reason why most business ideas fail. Read More
Thinking about building a business from scratch or have a business that desperately needs attention, but having a hard time getting started? Getting your act together does not have to be an overwhelming process. The most simple-looking steps could be just what you need to get going. Read More
One of the golden rules of doing business online is that you must first establish your credibility before you can influence potential customers and business partners to respond to your calls-to-action. But, what do you do when you're starting out and you've got no experience or authority to draw on Read More
As your micro business grows and develops, chances are at some point you'll consider hiring a freelance worker. But in order to get a good return on the investment of your time and money and protect the value of your business assets, you really need to go in with the right approach and expectations Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!