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Another lesson we can get here is that, somewhere behind the clouds, we have somebody we can lean on. The cat has been an important character in the movie because it helps Alice in her journey. In our business journey, we may sometimes find ourselves stuck in the middle. Read More
Every bootstrapping entrepreneurs has their own challenges and trials. Nobody is exempted. If you are one of the struggling entrepreneurs out there, then that's normal. If you are planning, do it as if you are going to succeed with your goals. Never mind the failures for the more you think of it, the closer you may get it. Read More
His first reason: Create a strong first impression on people who are not logged into Facebook but are finding me on via Google or via an email. Dropping them on my Fan Page Wall which is active and full of comments, links, and photos etc might be way too much for somebody who just found me. Check out more of the r Read More
According to the newly-released Technorati State of the Blogosphere 2009 Report, the top 5,000 blogs have one thing in common: they publish frequent posts. Read More
It is easy to get lost on the Internet. Viewers are easily distracted as they hop from site to site, often forgetting where they've been. This can make for fun and interesting web surfing, but it isn't necessarily good for your business. You want a lot of people to see your content, and pass it on to a friend, a social group, or even an entire net Read More
If you want your business to function properly, you must seek a lot of help. Although you can work on it independently, Small Businesses also require help. An entrepreneur must undergo counseling, consultation and investigation to establish a good business foundation. Somebody must give them specific information on how to come up with good busines Read More
Thinking of abundance attracts abundance. Do not entertain scarcity, for the more you will think that there is something lacking this will indirectly radiate to your business. You must have the attitude of gratitude for you will only feel blessed if you are thankful of everything. The abundance of the business is just a mere reflection of your inte Read More
It is often frustrating to convert prospects to clients. Sometimes, the process seems to take forever. You found a prospect client, then you arrange a meeting with your prospect, make a sales presentation or initial consultation at no charge, then you follow up and still struggling to close the sales. The time range between the first meeting and cl Read More
You should treat you business as something part of nature. It should be as natural as it is. You should take it as part of your life. The business should also expand just as nature; it is always changing and evolving as the seasons pass. Preview your business as something a human body, it should always start from small and as time goes by the cells Read More
You might be wondering what these angel investors are. Well literally, angel investors are agents of blessings. They are rich people who open their arms to help entrepreneurs who want to start their business. They are sometimes referred to as informal investors. Whoever they are, one thing is for sure- that they also exist in the business world. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!