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Any fool can be busy. Just as it takes no special talent to run around like a headless chicken, it takes no special talent to be consumed by other people's deadlines. Read More
In order to actually take feedback onboard, as opposed to just listen to it, it generally involves change of some description - this makes it less of a technical problem (applying the knowledge/skillset we already have) and more of an adaptive challenge... Read More
I once used the labelled of “non-responsive” for those I knew I needed to track and follow-up in order see a commitment carried out. I now know what creates this perception and how to be more effective in these situations. Read More
With margins on lending expected to rise in 2010, one way you can protect yourself is by opting for a fixed rate mortgage, this article talks about the behind the scene reasons that lenders will be jacking up their rates in 2010 even when the ECB may not be moving. Read More
Planning your business is vital. Without it, you’ll take more risks, make more mistakes, underestimate the competition and undervalue your customers. Read More
Here’s a selection of the articles I read on bizSugar last week and the thoughts on international business they inspired. Read More
Well done on committing your goals to paper you have taken a big step towards a very successful 2010. There are some important factors to consider as you strive to achieve your goals: Read More
I’m not convinced about New Year resolutions. There’s something about setting a target or change of behaviour for 12 months that doesn’t work. Maybe its changing priorities, a lack of momentum, losing interest or that life has changed fundamentally. Sometimes a different approach to your goals can give you more focus and really drive your success in 2010. Read More
When using Twitter for business, It's important to have a plan so that you have something to measure your results against. In my experience, the individuals and businesses that fail to leverage Twitter effectively are also those who have employed no strategy and/or have not taken the time to understand how to use it. Read More
A well organised usability test not only provides feedback from a user's perspective on the site's ease of use, but it also points to where improvements can be made. This blog contains details on how best to organise a usability test. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!