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Struggling to find new clients? Brad walks you through how to find clients that will pay you more in 4 different ways. Read More
It's hard for every professional to develop new pricing strategies. Brad shows you how to craft your pricing strategy from his 14+ years of experience selling consulting services. Read More
As a small business advisor since 2001, Brad's heard a lot of clients say “no”. No to price, no to ideas, etc. And it's hard. Brad shares how he's learned to handle those tough situations! Read More
Getting people to open your newsletter or other emails is getting harder and harder. Jill and Brad share their tips and secrets on how they get people to open their emails in this episode of Breaking Down Your Business! They also talk to Carrie Wilkerson (the Barefoot Executive) and Pete Sveen abou Read More
Have you ever been turned down because your prices are too much? Here's how to get them to say yes next time! Read More
On this week's podcast episode of Breaking Down Your Business, Jill and Brad discuss the top business tools to plan for the future. PLUS! They have on Biz Sugar & Small Biz Trends founder, Anita Campbell and Brian Busche of Brewed in Chicago to talk about the issues they face with their small busin Read More
Not swim suit ready this summer? (Neither are any of us business owners...) Brad and Jill share some health tips that ANY business owner can do in this week's episode! Read More
This month we challenged our community of biz owners on the productivity of their team. We gave out some free tools, and caused a bit of controversy as well. Here's 5 top articles every business owner needs to read! Read More
For years, the general consensus has been that a dual monitor setup is a very effective way to increase workplace productivity. But there are many reasons why a single, large monitor might actually be a better choice for your productivity. Read More
Training employees is time consuming and requires a lot of patience. And for those of us that hate training, this article is written especially for you. :) Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!