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There's been some larger companies that have gotten rid of company voicemail altogether (the name of them is failing me right now). They saw voicemail as inefficient because no one checks them, and people screen their calls and let everything go to voicemail. So there was a lag in getting responses Read More
So you found a great candidate. You brought them in to interview. Now what do you ask them? Kaleigh shares some out-of-the-box questions for your next employee interview. Read More
For small business owners, the new year often means a lot of new stuff: new budgets, new goals, and new employees. So we focussed on hiring in January. We wanted you to be enlightened and equipped to navigate the murky waters of hiring. We even gave away one of our most powerful tools, The Busines Read More
When I look back at the clients I've worked with over the last 15 years, there are some that have grown far bigger than I ever expected, and others that had great potential but never really got out of their own way. One of the factors that is a good predictor of a client's ultimate growth is how we Read More
Small business hiring is an essential (and often challenging) facet of entrepreneurship. Any business owner who’s made a bad hire (and most of us have) can tell you the pain of realizing your mistake and trying again and again to “fix” the bad hire, before you finally fire them. Not to mention the Read More
It’s always painful to have an opening on your team. Often, the person you’re missing was someone you relied on; someone who got stuff done! Now they aren’t there; and who’s getting that stuff done? It’s probably you (in one way or another). That open position is dragging you down. It’s no wonder t Read More
If you’ve got a good job posting out there, and know clearly what you need to pay, you should have a solid batch of resumes to sift through. Pick out the best, and let’s set up some phone screen interviews.

But wait. Do I know what questions to ask? What do I need to know at the phone screen sta Read More
Issues surrounding employee compensation come up frequently for the small business owner. When it’s time to start recruiting for a job there’s an inevitable question: how much should I pay employees? What’s a fair wage for this job? Or perhaps you aren’t hiring, but your employees are approaching y Read More
Hiring employees is hard. It’s time consuming and it’s risky (mistakes are painful and costly). For most of us, it’s not something that we’ve been trained to do. But if our business is going to grow, a big part of our job is going to involve recruiting, selecting, and training new employees. Read More
There’s nothing that makes a business more successful than top-notch talent. When a business owner has a team they can count on, the sky is the limit — we have all the confidence in the world and it shows. But when we don’t have the talent we need, when we aren’t confident in our team, we start hol Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!