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What Time Is The Super Bowl? Google's made the question easy to answer, and made influency via search engine optimization harder.

Google’s not in the search business any more; they’re in the content marketing business Read More
Amy Poehler is in Louis CK's 'Tomorrow Night' for only a moment, but that hose sprays more than water. Louis CK brings Optimization and Influency everywhere. Read More
Louis CK is such an Influency and content marketing genius, he's figured out how to time travel. Louis CK's 'new' Tomorrow Night proves the Internet's Influency Read More
Does your age predict your Intelligence Type? What's brings more Influency to and From Older People and Younger People? Is Influency About Maturity? Read More
What Happens When Game Changers STOP Changing?

When does Apple's Influency-based business model stop being influence-y? It already has. In fact, the Influency in Apple's influency started waning years ago. Read More
If you're writing a blog in search of Influency, Google's Matt Cutts said something this week that should scare you. SEO Is In Trouble, and Guest Blogs May Hurt Read More
Alliteration Always Allows Infinite Influency Incidents Showcasing Stupid Statistics. And that's just the beginning of Great Integrated Marketing Practices. Read More
You Got Free Wi-Fi. And Then You Found Out What FREE Means

Love Free WiFi? WiFi may be near-ubiquitous, but 'free WiFi' is a big Influency problem. And Influency mistakes equal marketing mistakes. Is 'free' Influency? Read More
Influency and Content meet everywhere. Influency, Op/Ed, and questions about journalism are meeting over the case of a woman with cancer who uses Twitter. Read More
Whether you hire employees, contractors, or 'other' help, you're engaged in Influency Management. Want to create Business Change? 'Help Influency' matters. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!