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We’re all the same, you, me, we see the world through a mist of facts but we make sense of it with our emotions. We make up stories about what we see and hear all the time, always relating to an emotional connection, something in our past. Read More
Sometimes stepping away from daily operation is the best thing you can do for the continued success of your brand. Vacation, in a sense, makes me a better business owner. Who wouldn’t want that? Read More
This is by far the best mission statement I have found in a long time. It’s a great example of why Ritz-Carlton is one of the best hotel chains in the world. As you will see, it is much, much more than just a great mission statement. It’s their DNA. Read More
GOAL SETTING: Setting and attaining goals – planning for the future while aiming high and dreaming big enough. PERFORMANCE TIP OF THE WEEK: Stopping the crisis pipeline! Read More
Challenges are part of everyone’s life, but there are dark moments when a challenge turns into a crisis. What we call wisdom is a crucial tool here. Without it, people usually make their most important decisions based on impulse or its opposite, habit. Read More
As business owners we may seek out someone to serve as our mentor who is also an entrepreneur in our sector, or we may consider the outside perspective of someone in another sector. In either situation, there are certain attributes you should consider when making your choice. Read More
Highly paid athletes and performers are really only on stage or in the game for very short amounts of time. The rest of the time they spend practicing for the show and resting. Business owners on the other hand are always on... Read More
Small business owners are an odd lot. I can say this without judgment because I am one. Many times I find that they miss the subtleties of attracting small business even though they need look no further than their own buying habits for keys to the sale. Read More
The fastest way to bring in more money via your business is to stop leaving it on the table. This table is full of customers who want to buy something – and are ready to buy right now – but they can’t find what they need. Read More
There are two major fears that commonly get in the way of most entrepreneurs: the first fear is the fear of failure. When individuals struggle with this fear, they do everything they can to avoid getting started. The second fear is the fear of success. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!