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I had a nice conversation last week with Pat Ennis of Ennis Legacy Partners and Walter H. Deyhle of Gelman, Rosenberg and Freeman,CPAs, both in Maryland. Thanks for the invitation, Pat! Read More
There are four basics an owner should address before beginning any exit, succession or transition plan. They are Valuation, Distance to Goal, Prospective Buyers and Professional Team. Value is the starting point for all transition planning. Any decision, any business plan, and every retirement Read More
Owners feel loyalty to the trusted advisors they already have relationships with. “He’s the attorney who handles all my legal problems,” is a bit like saying “He’s the doctor I always go to when I feel sick.” That is fine, but what if you needed a heart transplant? Read More
When did Rock and Roll transition from the anthem of rebels to elevator music? I’ve been traveling for the last few weeks. Whether on business or vacation, “classic rock” is the background sound in airports, supermarkets and shopping malls. Restaurants and casinos have traded Montovani and Read More
Subordinated debt can be a key consideration in any sale transaction. Whether you are contemplating a sale to a third party or an internal transfer to employees, the topic of taking second place to a lender will likely come up. If an outside buyer is financing the purchase, seller notes can be cons Read More
As advisors, we understand that our business clients should be preparing for the biggest financial event of their lives – the sale of their business. However, when we ask, “How are you exit planning for your retirement from the business?” we seldom get a straight answer. Read More
From time to time, we share real stories about life after exit from owners who have sold their businesses. Some are great and some… not so much. The have agreed to share their experiences to help other owners prepare for both the process of transferring their companies and what comes after. Read More
“My timeframe? Talk to me in about five years.” When business owners are asked about exit planning, that answer is almost ubiquitous. In fact, a much-quoted 2008 survey of owners by PwC found that 85% of private business owners said they expected to sell in five years. Read More
Why would I refer to the results of an internal transfer as “lifestyle vs. lucre?” Lucre is a pejorative term. While it is technically just a synonym for money, most dictionaries draw the parallel to its use in “filthy lucre;” money that is ill-gotten or otherwise dishonorably obtained.

I was ho Read More
As part of my effort to add variety to the types of exit planning posts here, I will occasionally include “Second Act”, stories about business owners who have already left one career, and are now doing something else. The 19th century Pearl Brewery exemplified both the potential and the problems of Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!