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The most important aspect of building and nurturing a great team is trust. Your team has to have trust in you and trust in each other and that can only be created with patience, honesty, and transparency. Read More
Every day our decisions are tinged by favoritism, rules of thumb, partiality, heuristics, predilection; call it what you will but our biases come into play with every decision we make and every tactic we execute. The trick is to recognize our biases and their influence on our decision making. Read More
We usually think about succession planning in the context of who will take over the company once we leave, but you’d also want to be sure that they know where everything is and how everything needs to be done tomorrow. Read More
Francis is an ideal leader; the kind of leader that entrepreneurs can and should model themselves after. By leading quietly and and modestly, by speaking with authority and setting an example to follow the Pope teaches us to listen closely to other people, empathize with them... Read More
The key tenets of diplomacy hold lessons for managers in practicing patience, strengthening communication, developing partnerships, and managing people. Here are 5 lessons about what we can all learn from diplomats and diplomacy. Read More
Last week we fired a customer. Yep, you heard me right. We asked one of our customers to please take their business elsewhere. Why would a small business do such a thing? Who in their right mind would turn down revenue and earnings? Well it’s really not that complicated. Read More
A few years ago we instituted a policy (I say “instituted,” but really it was more of an evolution) whereby people could come and go as they please. This started a few years back, when our engineering team asked if they could work remotely every Friday. We said sure, let’s try it out... Read More
I had to make a couple of calls this morning to a couple of different service providers: Comcast (yikes, right?) and ADT. We get our internet service via Comcast Business and our security system is from ADT. Here’s what happened... Read More
Who says business can’t be fun? Leadership is not just about productivity, strategy, and tactics – much more important is the fact that great leadership is about people. Strong leaders never lose sight of the individuals who make up their team and never stop working to make the team stronger. A gre Read More
For entrepreneurs, it is critical to find time periodically to get away, recharge the batteries, re-boot the mind... I find that I can think more clearly, work more efficiently, communicate more comprehensibly if I can get away even for a few days every so often. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!