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Social media is not a numbers game, or at least it shouldn't be. You've got to ask yourself if or how you are contributing to the noise that appears in the social media time stream. Read More
I was one of the lucky few who was given access to Ground Zero on the days following 9-11. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, and one that causes me great regret to this day. I never expected it to shape the course of my professional life, but it has. Maybe my story will shape y Read More
At times you need to make tough strategic decisions when marketing your brand. These decisions can be difficult to make especially however it is important if you want to your brand profitably. It is not about failure in fact I think it is more about being smart.Here are a few tips to help you. Read More
100,000. 250,000. 500,000 Twitter followers.

It's an egotistic illusion. It's like a guy that stuffs a sock in his pants to make the ladies think he has a huge dingaling! Read More
It’s a problem endemic in the world of business today, Dear Bar. Greed. A sense of entitlement. Narcissism…ME, ME. ME!!!

And for that Bar Refaeli…

You have been inducted into the Business Hall of SHAME!
Read More
As the title suggest, a crash course in toilet paper. History, facts, figures, and the great under/over debate. Read More
As the circus that is Washington continues to produce the greatest show on earth guaranteed to bring you to tears (either from crying or laughter) there are some vital lessons to be had. Business owners, take heed. Read More
As in any relationship it's often the small signals you receive that can make a big difference.When marketing your brand if you miss these signals you may find one of your competitors has grabbed the opportunities.Tips to help you leverage your expertise into profitable products. Read More
In the book, "Sleeping With the Enemy: Coco Chanel's Secret War," American biographer Hal Vaughn claims the French fashion icon was recruited into German intelligence, had a lover who was honored by Hitler and Goebbels during war. Read More

What Social Media Etiquette Is… and Isn’t

What Social Media Etiquette Is… and Isn’t - Avatar Posted by Adam_Gottlieb under Social Media
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As more and more businesses and self-employed professionals head online, heeding the call for all things social media-related, there seems to be some confusion regarding what is considered both acceptable and commendable behavior in social media circles, versus what is looked at as unnecessary, ann Read More

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