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It seems that the whole focus about marketing these days is on marketing tactics, especially social media. Could imagine what Apple would look like today if they just focused on tactics for the Apple Mac and not looked at developing new products or services like iPad? Read More
Some people argue that being born in a disadvantageous situation means that being an entrepreneur is out of reach. They say that if you’re born poor, or in a third world country, than you’ll be poor and destitute for the rest of your life. Read More
Google Places are official business listings, ordered by phone number and address, on Google Maps. The best way to think about your Google Places profile is like a yellow pages listing on the internet. When local searches are conducted for your business, your Google Places listing should be one of Read More
Eager to turn your Google+ posts in the form of feeds? I have just stumbled on an application that can help you to do just that: PlusFeed. Read More
Although social media is the darling of online marketing world, SEO remains the workhorse, continuing to bring traffic and conversions to your website - a piece of Internet real estate owned only by you. Here's why SEO still matters. Read More
You have been told that you have an hour and a half to present. You don’t have anywhere near that much time. What does your dream client want from your presentation? Read More
As a business broker in Florida, and former business owner ,I always look at businesses for sale “Would I buy this business at this price if I was buying it?” Read More
Did you know there is over 2 million square feet dedicated to data storage in Chicago?

When it comes to feeling better about data storage for the confidential files, the new book, the photos, the emails which are legal documents as well; storing in the cloud seems risky.

Where is it stored? Read More
But questions aren't the fundamental issue--conversations are. Questions are an important part of establishing a conversation, but I think focusing on questions creates an inbalance and may, in fact, detract from our ability to have conversations. Read More
I've been involved in a number of conversations about questions recently. They've covered topics like, what are the best questions, what should we avoid, and other areas. These questions are always difficult to answer, because so much of the time, the best response is, It depends. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!