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Is working with family a dream or a nightmare?

There are plenty of stories to support either point of view. It’s not difficult to find stories about family working relationships that have turned into bitter rivalries, and even court battles, and there are other examples of companies th Read More
Want to get in the mix and go for your chance to win $500? We are excited to announce that is kicking off an ongoing Viral Video Contest. Each month we will sort through video entries to find one winner who will win a $500 cash prize - and be featured in a post like this one Read More

4 Easy Steps to Automate Your Online Sales Process

4 Easy Steps to Automate Your Online Sales Process - Avatar Posted by steeldawn under Sales
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Once you've created products to offer on your site, one of the greatest things about the Internet comes into play: you can automate the entire process Read More
Looking for cool applications to help you make your blog or site all it can be? We’ve found some good ones! From ways to make sure your site looks good no matter who’s looking at it, to protecting your privacy and your content, these tools are all easy to use and either free or very low-priced. And they’re all web-based, so no downloading to your computer necessary. Read More
Why is it that some businesses fail in the best of economic times, while others succeed and thrive even though they were started during an economic downturn?  Sure, we can sometimes point to regional conditions, industry trends, and other factors that are largely out of the entrepreneur’s control.. Read More
What we’re focusing on today aren’t sources of income, like affiliate programs or selling e-books. Instead, we’re presenting steps you can take to make sure those sources pay off for you. No matter what you’re doing to make money with your blog, these are five things you’d be wise to do to optimize those efforts Read More probably think entrepreneur, business-owner, and self-employed are all interchangeable terms. And that’s how they’re often used, so it makes sense that people would think that. But in the minds of many business owners, there is a big difference between being “self-employed” and being an entrepreneur. Read More
Ready to start a business?  We're excited to present a list of 100 businesses YOU can start today!  These ideas cover a very wide range of interests and possibilities, so there’s something for everyone Read More
If you have a Twitter account (and who doesn’t?), you’ve probably read a lot of blog posts and articles on our site and everywhere else about optimizing your Twitter efforts for business. But you might still be struggling to efficiently, effectively connect with your customers and prospects using Twitter. Well, fret no more. If you haven’t heard about CoTweet, you’re in for a treat. If you’ve bee Read More
Quotes. Entrepreneurs are fascinated with them. They spark our creativity, motivate us to action, and inspire us to greatness. They offer us insights into the spirit behind innovation and genius. And they act as fuel to the blue-flame fire that burns deep within every true entrepreneur. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!