At the beginning of the career, every writer who has approached a platform to try to set up his work would have faced this problem once. Assume that you have an article ready. You have approached a great medium to publish your article on their platform. You are eagerly waiting for their response, b Read More
Many of us have or have had an employee benefits plan. How sweet it is to fill a prescription or get the eyes tested without paying a dime out of pocket!

But what options do people have when they lose their group insurance plan? Read on to find out :) Read More
For business owners, providing employee dental health care isn’t just a bonus that can make your benefits package look more attractive to employees. It can actually have a huge impact on employees’ overall health, quality of life and even their productivity at work. Read More
As workers are putting in longer hours and performing creativity- and knowledge-based duties more than ever, the office has become a venue for personal expression, rather than a purely functional space. In this month’s news aggregate, we explore how new research and the experiences of A&D professio Read More
Staff sickness is a big problem for businesses worldwide. When someone goes off sick, business slows down as everyone else has to rush around to pick up their slack. For smaller businesses, the absence of a vital employee may result in business grinding to a halt altogether until they return to wor Read More
I wrote this post from a hotel room in Manila and edited it on a last-minute trip to Taipei (there was a flight sale, it was practically forced on me *ahem*).

Although my transit and most of the trip falls on weekdays, I don’t plan to miss any work. In fact, if all goes as planned, my clients wo Read More
Want to motivate your employees? Here are five reasons why using incentive travel packages can work better for your business than rewarding with money. Read More
The way of doing business has changed, and coworking is the future.Workers are changing suits and formal reunions, to an everyday informal way of networking in a common space.

Coworking was first introduced back in 2005. It all started in San Francisco, with a site called “Hat Factory”. Accordin Read More
Trying to remain an important as well as vital part of today’s business world is no easy task at all. If you wish to rise to the top it will most certainly take a lot of effort on your part. When you are working in a competitive work environment at a top company it is very important that you ensure Read More
Research is constantly demonstrating the importance of the office to employees and its impact on employee engagement, retention and productivity. In this month’s news aggregate, we highlight five stories that emphasize the office’s role in creativity, connection and collaboration among teammates. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!