“Boostrapping” or sometimes called “Shoestring start up” is a business financing strategy that is most often being misinterpreted. Everybody knew and has heard about it but not all fully understand how it works. Let's try to view bootstrapping at a larger perspective. Is it an option that could lead us to the doorway of business success or is it j Read More
When starting a small business, we always get another opinion from another person. We always have that dream that our business will become successful and sometimes we become more sensitive to the needs of the business that we often neglect more important things. In reality, we may think that we know the answer, or everyone thinks that they know the Read More
It is true that the success of the business relies on the hand of the workers. Whatever is the outcome of the business, the workers are accountable with it. An entrepreneur should be aware that there is what we called “inner-self”, this is something more important than the physical workers. Read More
The self-confidence you need to deal with cultural differences is something most people acquire through international experience. A lack of self-confidence can quickly lead to awkwardness and aggression. This is why it is important to build a quiet self-confidence to build trust in cross-cultural communication. Read More
There are no real guidelines on what information to share with international clients when cross-cultural differences make communication difficult. The best advice advice is simply to be aware of the cultural intricacies that may be involved. You will need to discover what information you need to share to avoid any misinterpretations. Read More
Cross-cultural encounters without hidden agendas are much easier than with them. In a business environment, the best way to avoid hidden agendas is to get focused on the task at hand and find the reason for the connection in the first place. Read More
Understanding the difference between selling in a robust economy and selling in a failing economy. Read More
Informative article about how customers buy. Read More
Every once in a while information crosses your desk that makes you stand up, take notice, and marvel at the capacity of the human imagination. Do you remember the Klingon Bible? How about the time someone calculated Santa Claus's Christmas Eve trip? Well, here's another one. You decide if its real or a joke! Read More
Here from Forbes.com is a list of best small business blogs including some we see regularly here on bizSugar.com. They include Small Business Trends and Duct Tape Marketing. There are some other great blogs here too like Entrepreneurial Mind, Church of the Customer and the All Business Blog Center list of top business bloggers. Check out these gre Read More
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