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“Content is King”, you can’t open a marketing book or read a small business marketing blog without seeing that these days. But what does it mean? And especially for small business owners? Read More
In an article by Jim Edwards of Business Insider, “Facebook Advertisers Complain of a Wave of Fake Likes Rendering Their Pages Useless”, the author claims the fake likes come from “click farms attempting to make their abusive accounts look real by clicking on legit ads.” And, he adds, “there is li Read More
Your website is probably the first impression potential clients will get of your business. It’s the online storefront for your company and it can make or break you.

Here is a simple checklist to follow when building a brand new company website or refreshing an old one. Read More
Engaging and winning the loyalty of today’s empowered customer is no simple task. It has demanded Marketing organizations re-assess their priorities and invest in the right people, process, and technology to develop more fulfilling customer experiences and engender stronger brand loyalty. Read More
Regardless of what we sell, there will always be negotiations with clients, vendors and even strategic partners. For many of us it can be overwhelming; how much information do we share and what do we hold onto when negotiating the best price, an upgrade or an earlier delivery date? Read More
SlideShare is to presentations what YouTube is to videos and they boast, “70 million professionals trust SlideShare to learn about any topic quickly from subject matter experts”. According to Kissmetrics, Slideshare gets 60 million visits every month and has an Alexa Rank of 174. Read More
Who is the best fit for your business? If you don’t know them inside and out, your Marketing isn’t as effective as it could be. Read More
"If you build it they will come." This is true in marketing too. But first you must build it - and that is a process! Read More
Why being too busy is a dangerous excuse for not marketing your small business. It can be a trap that could literally kill your business. Read More
Every business owner knows the higher you appear on the page in a Google search, the better your chances of getting found by customers, thereby increasing sales. The question is, how do you get a high ranking? Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!