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5 Ways Your Small Business Can Use QR Codes

5 Ways Your Small Business Can Use QR Codes  - Avatar Posted by GaryShouldis under Marketing
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Do you know how to incorporate QR codes into your small business marketing plan?

QR codes are becoming quite popular. You can spot them pretty much anywhere, from large billboards to the stick of deodorant in your bathroom. As more and more people are adopting smart phones, QR codes can become a Read More
AWW is a free online whiteboard tool that lets you quickly create and share your ideas, drawings and collaborations quickly and easily. No signup needed, just start drawing and share. Read More
Whenever you write a new article, you should spend a few minutes after promoting it. Just a little bit of promotion will give your article the boost it may need to start circulating on the various social networks. Read More
Every small business is different, so, of course, every entrepreneur will be charting new territory. If there were a simple manual or step by step approach for Read More
Just like for your life, your business needs a plan. And no, you can't have a plan for your business without a plan for your life. Owning your own business is too intertwined with your personal life not to have them both aligned. The importance of having a plan is not so much that you actually f Read More
A visual timeline of my marketing efforts helped me see a entire years worth of marketing at a single glance. I find it helps me to see when my busy marketing periods are, which activities overlap, and if there are time periods where I need to ramp up my marketing efforts. Read More
Before you start a business, you need to be sure that the marketplace wants what you are offering.You'll need to conduct some market research. Read More
Before you take the leap and start a business, you should ask yourself the questions below and answer them honestly. You need to be certain that you are fully prepared to take on the responsibilities that will be required of you as a small business owner. The questions below focus on your motivati Read More
Symbaloo is a free visual bookmarking application that lets you create multiple tabs for organizing all of your web links. It's like having a custom dashboard of all of the websites you visit most. Read More
Ron Popeil (Ronco) is one of the greatest inventors and salesman of the last century.

Ronald M. Popeil born on May 3, 1935 in NYC. He’s an American inventor and saleman and is best known for his late night infomercials. His most successfuly product, the Showtime Rotisserie, is where he coined Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!