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If You Won't Listen to me, Listen to Google. I’m so sick of hearing about PageRank and misleading advice given to beginners in SEO you wouldn’t believe it. So I was very happy to see a Google post: "Beyond PageRank: Graduating to actionable metrics" Read More
The use of social media for connecting with customers is increasingly essential to every business. It is not so easy to find really good advice on how to make the best use of the Internet and social media platforms. So these four posts this week are a goldmine. Read More
OK, so I've worked-on or managed well over 100 SEO campaigns over the last few years and a common trend I've noticed is that many small business clients don't really understand how choosing the right keywords affects and defines an SEO campaign and what it takes to deliver results. Read More
What makes a start-up fundable? This talk by Angel List co-founder Naval Ravikant gives great insights. If you might seek funding for your business, this video will help you understand how investors think. Read More
Google+ is in its final testing phase before going fully public. Most commentators seem to agree that this time Google's social media efforts put them at the races and that Facebook will have something to think about. What does Google+ offer? Read More
In 2010, more than 88.6 million Americans watched online video on an average day (up 32%). Online video has been touted as "The Next Big Thing" for years, without necessarily delivering. Here are a few trends we think mean that its time to get serious about Online Video Marketing: Read More
It is never easy to choose the right person for any design job. You are looking for someone who knows more than you do, otherwise you would probably do it yourself. You are looking for someone with the ability to get the balance between their own creative input and your ideas and needs. Read More
A very short word of caution for those who would put all their marketing eggs into one basket. The recent sale of floundering Social Media giant MySpace is a reminder that today's huge Internet marketing must, can be tomorrow's thing of the past. Read More
In all the articles about how to get 50,000 Twitter followers or Facebook marketing for your small business, much is made of social media as a marketing channel. One of Twitter's most important uses though might be in dealing with your existing customers. Read More
Time management might well be the most important aspect of any working day. There are so many reasons why your plan can be knocked off track and yet it must be seen as a mistake. Let's look at the four D's and how they can improve time management:
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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!