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You are always making an offer and it should always be simple, clear, believable and sustainable. Believable for your customers and sustainable for your business. Read More
500 billion minutes are being spent on Facebook per month and the official count of active users is over 500 million. 500 million users are hard to ignore so lets take a look at Why and How to set up a Facebook page for your business. Read More
Cloud computing is being talked about a lot and it can be a tricky concept to understand. Perhaps the best way is through realising that most of us are using cloud computing every day and have been for some time. Read More
Small business and the entrepreneurial spirit will play a key role in getting the economy back to growth. Despite difficult economic conditions, businesses with big ideas continue to crop up across the country. So, where are the hotbeds of start-up activity? Read More
If you are not meeting objections while selling, you are probably talking to the wrong person. Not only should you be expecting objections and be prepared for them, you should welcome them. Here are 7 attitudes that can help you with objections and improve your sales. Read More
These days many potential customers will have their first experience of your business by checking out your website. Despite this, many businesses pay too little attention to how visitors behave when they first come to their site. What can we do to make a better first impression? Read More
Last week saw the largest initial public offering by a US Internet company since Google in 2004. LinkedIn shares more than doubled during their first day of trading, fuelling expectations of similar IPOs expected in the next year and prompting questions about whether the next bubble is inflating. Read More
We took a look at the five most 'Liked' Facebook pages of companies that sell a product. They're all mega brands with huge marketing spends. The thing is, there is plenty in what they do that can point the way for smaller businesses and is not budget dependent. It comes down to this: ENGAGE! Read More
Time and again, research has shown that money is not the main motivation when it comes to job satisfaction. Employees need to feel they are contributing and that it is appreciated. Perhaps recognition should start with the type of common courtesy and daily sense of value you would like everyone Read More
Recent research from CityGrid Media gives some insight into how customers like to show support for local businesses online. Even more interesting is feedback on how customers find and choose local merchants. It's not all about Facebook just yet. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!