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I have now been blogging for almost eight years. I will post my annual blog report on May 7. I have decided to start a new series of podcasting shows on Blog Talk Radio. First out is John Cox on May 23 Read More
What is risk reporting and what is its importance to the success of a project? Risk reporting is basically a phase in the project management cycle wherein risks are predicted and then properly communicating it to the members of the team as to determine what the best ways are to handle or fix the problem. This is constantly done throughout the entire project life cycle to regularly keep in check a Read More
I have been adding new applications on my iPhone. It is interesting to see how a specialized browser for the mobile market, like Opera, is getting downloaded a million times in 24 hours! I have listed three examples of mobile applications that could change the way we communicate in the future. Do you think that these new applications will change how we work and interact during our spare time? Read More


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It could be a good idea to discuss the future tax situation on a day like this...

I have listened to Jim Blasingame's interview (Is a VAT tax in the future for the United States?) with Brian M. Carney and I plan to listen to the following podcasts in the near future: Congratulations, it's Tax Freedom Day with Peter Sepp and Jim Blasingame, Why a VAT is a bad idea for America by Jim Blasingame Read More
Do you want to see an example of the Benevolent Universe Premise in action? Jennifer Iannolo's (@foodphilosophy) message on Twitter:

"Sometimes when bad things happen, a hero like @shlevy steps in. I am so incredibly honored by this post. Thank you."
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I recently purchased an iPhone 3G and I have started to add applications on it. I think that I will use the iPhone more as a productivity and communication tool, than a regular mobile phone. I wonder what will happen when the iPad is entering the market. Will it become the new entertainment gadget?
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100 Best Small Business Podcasts 2010

100 Best Small Business Podcasts 2010  - Avatar Posted by lyceum under Social Media
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A list of 100 of the best and most informative small business podcasts for 2010. No need to sift through them yourself, we've done that for you so come and have a listen. Read More
I pointed Stephen Smith to David Stiernholm's post, My seven most hard-earned mistakes regarding structure. And we decided to share our own experiences with making mistakes, and learning from them. We’d love to hear your thoughts. Read More
This system is a perfect match, with my background as a purchaser working with supply chain management. It is interesting to see how you could combine a Japanese business concept related to Lean and Just-In-Time production together with a personal productivity method. How do you get an overview of your backlog, work in process, and things you have done? Read More

Three Keywords for Year MMX = 2010

Three Keywords for Year MMX = 2010 - Avatar Posted by lyceum under Self-Development
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This first day of the year MMX, I have been contemplating about my three keywords for 2010. I will sit down and create a mindmap as Chris Brogan has done. I will use GoalEnforcer and Pulse Smartpen in order to capture my ideas and goals and put them on paper. I will listen to Dr. Edwin A. Locke's talk from 1985 (cassette tape), Setting Goals to Improve Your Life and Happiness. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!