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In their recently-published book 'Marketing Communications – integrating offline and online with social media today', PR Smith and Ze Zook have put together a 10-step guide to developing a social media process that can be applied to any organization.Over the past couple of years, social media has e Read More
Some time ago we put out a little piece that we called Getting Started with Splatforms to step folks through the various set-up items that one needs to accomplish in order to successfully access all of those wondrous benefits of having an account on Splatforms.com. Since that pretty much covered ev Read More
As much as we’d love to tell you that every single Task for every single Target Web Site always succeeds for every single user, the reality is that this is an imperfect world, and there are a variety of reasons why things do not always turn out according to plan. What you can do when [...] Read More
Reports indicate that Google+ has just reached the 20 million-user mark. On its own, that’s a huge figure. Compared to Facebook’s 750 million, that’s a really small amount. But we have to remember that it took years for the largest social networking site in the world to amass that unprecedented use Read More
Google has acquired a seven-year-old company that develops facial-recognition technology for images and video, though the Web-search giant didn’t say what it plans to do with it.The company, called Pittsburgh Pattern Recognition, or PittPatt, is run by three “image analysis” and “pattern recognitio Read More
Well, we finally got around to publishing our Squidoo Lens. Squidoo is a nice tool, and very user-friendly. We could have finished what we had started there quite some time ago with very little effort, but there have just been a lot of other things going on. The main reason that we decided to go [. Read More
While there is no shortage of news and analysis on Google+, how this social network fits into the B2B marketing mix remains unclear. Even as social media adoption soars, B2B organizations face difficulty incorporating social media, tactically and strategically. A recent study conducted by Forrester Read More
I think it is fair to say that Google Plus Project, otherwise known as G+, has exploded onto the web marketing scene in a very short time. Statistics around the web indicate that in the first week, 35% of all new links shared on Twitter were related to the G+ Project.google plus projectAt first gla Read More
With another social network being launched by Google, the leader in search and most things Internet, the world is abuzz (sorry) with what Google+ means. Well, if you're a marketer, you'd better get off your recliner and pay attention to what it means to you and your clients.In its first month, Goog Read More
When an executive grapples with social media marketing, he or she might feel a lot like I do when taking my car to the mechanic. There’s a lot I don’t know; there’s a lot I don’t want to know. I’m not sure of the accuracy of what I’m being told, and I question the motives of the person who’s tellin Read More
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