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Social media marketing is hailed as an inexpensive way to engage an audience -- but how many marketers know the amount of revenue they've generated from Facebook? Or how much they've invested in the network?Check out these 8 tactics you can use to measure, improve and justify your Facebook marketin Read More
Being in the social space is no longer enough. Although having a social profile is important for brands, the real value of social networking is in the analysis of social conversation, and many brands aren't getting enough analysis. Rather than looking to profile or product 'Likes', experts believe Read More
Social media etiquette aside, there are benefits for all of us in social media bookmarking and blog commenting strategies.First, when you share valuable information through social bookmarking, you position yourself as a resource to your online community. You train your potential customers to follo Read More
Social bookmarking is saving Web site links to a public site and tagging them with keywords. It differs from making bookmarks because bookmarks are only available on the computer you are using. To do social bookmarking, you register with a social bookmarking site, which lets you store your favorite Read More
Regardless of age, it seems the majority of people these days are on some sort of social networking site, be it Twitter, Facebook, Tmblr or something else I’ve possibly never heard of.The general point of all these websites is to connect with friends, old and new, share funny links, music and pictu Read More
Given the current social and search landscape it is very important to make sure company blogs are fitted with the proper mechanisms which allow publishers to take advantage of search engine optimization (SEO), social media optimization (SMO), and monetization (lead capture). The aforementioned thr Read More
Mobile social networking, or mocial, is when you use your phone to access Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare or any other social networking site. People have been doing it for a couple of years, but now that smartphones and social media apps are so prevalent, it’s become one of the most popular categori Read More
Save n'Keep, a website that allows users to bookmark and share their favorite sites on the Web, has launched a new bookmark detail page. This page takes social bookmarking beyond the simple save and share concept to also include historical and real-time data on website traffic. Using a graphical ti Read More
Version 1.1.6 is not a bug fix release; it just provides enhanced exception reporting for those instances when a Task step fails to complete successfully. While the additional information provided in this new release is interesting, it is really only valuable to Task Developers and those attempting Read More
Whenever we discuss the wonders of *forms, we are usually focused on the back-end — the hundreds of Tasks available to deliver your *form data to a plethora of target destinations. But equally impressive is the number of different ways you can get your data into a *form so that you can send i Read More
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