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Social media offers small businesses an inexpensive, relatively friction-free way to accomplish different business functions, from generating new leads to getting input for new product development. Consequently, its not surprising that small businesses are rapidly moving to take advantage of it.How Read More
Any social media campaign that doesn’t have measurement tools is doomed for failure. If you can’t measure your social media efforts, how will you know if you’re a success or failure?Luckily, popular social media products such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook have adapted analytics into their pla Read More
So, you have a social media presence. Perhaps you even have some tools in place to measure your team’s activity and interactions through social channels. That’s great! But how can you feed what you learn from social media interactions back into your team’s work effort?Social media needn’t be an en Read More
In a web ruled by links social bookmarking should not be underestimated. A strong bookmark can provide a valuable link as well as citations to help boost your search engine rankings.What is Social Bookmarking?For those new to the world of social bookmarking it is a method for internet users to orga Read More
The very first thing that we did when we first set out to cobble together Splatforms.com was to throw up some text on the home page to get the party started. That same old text has been there ever since, and while we’ve always known that we have needed to do something better, we’ve also Read More
Wal-Mart Stores, the world’s largest retailer, has agreed to buy Kosmix, a social media start-up focused on e-commerce, for an undisclosed sum, as valuations for social media companies like Groupon soar.“We are expanding our capabilities in today’s rapidly growing social commerce environment,” Edua Read More
Yahoo posted that it will no longer be supporting Yahoo Buzz, starting April 21. Buzz was Yahoo's answer to Digg and Reddit -- a social bookmarking site that let users talk up interesting stories.The writing's been on the wall for Yahoo Buzz since the company announced it was "sunsetting"several of Read More
Penn State researchers have claimed that updates on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other real-time content sites could be worth more than 30 million a day, or nearly 10.9 billion dollars a year, to advertisers."Real-time content is particularly interesting because it's a window into a person's wor Read More
Social media, in all of its forms, impacts our lives as consumers from the things we buy, to where we go, to what we like, and overall how we share this information with one another. Today, this influence is moving from the consumer realm into the workplace where almost 90 percent of B2B organizati Read More
Facebook reportedly has signed a deal with Baidu (BIDU) to set up a social-networking web site in China. The news was reported by Sohu.com, citing unnamed employees at Baidu, and passed on by Bloomberg.The story notes that the arrangement follows recent meetings in China between Facebook CEO Mark Z Read More
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