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[ ... Mignon Fogarty is Grammar] For this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing podcast I thought I would grab one of my favorite podcasters Mignon Fogarty. Fogarty is known to legions as Grammar Girl and she’s built an impressive empire dishing out Grammar and a growing list of other topics in Quick and Dirty style. Read More

stand outAnd start figuring out how you can be different than your competition.

So many business owners or would be start-ups sit around this time of year trying to figure out how they can be better than the competition – better product, better service, better features, and, the real killer, better price. Heck, some even strive to be “best” in class. What they should be doing is figuring out Read More
At yesterday’s session at the OPENForum booth at CES I presented a rather long list of sites and tools that I recommend for local businesses t Read More
As many of you may have noted by some posts here and on Twitter I attended the recent CES show in Las Vegas as a participant in the AMEX OPENForum booth. I gave presentations on social media and was joined by Anita Campbell of Small Business Trends, Guy Kawasaki of Alltop, Adam Ostrow , Barb Dybwad and Ben Parr of Mashable and Tony Hsieh of Zappos. Read More

I’m out in Las Vegas at CES giving a couple talks on social media for AMEX OPEN and one of the big topics is Google’s new Nexus One phone. While it is a bit interesting that they’ve jumped into yet another market, I think the message that’s getting lost in a great deal of their recent moves is the way they are setting up to take over local advertising, marketing and search. Read More

I enjoy writing small business marketing content here at OPEN Forum, so I was very excited when they asked me to take the show on the road and interact in person with small business owners at this year’s CES being held January 7-10, 2010, in Las Vegas.

Read More

Jan 04, 2010 - Mobile devices promise to revolutionize marketing as we know it. Well, that may be one day, but it's been a long time coming to reality. One thing about mobile marketing we can say has arrived is the face that people are using smart phones to surf the web and view websites in rapidly growing numbers. (Nov 09 statistics showed that 8% of my blog readers used some form of a mobil Read More
We’ve been talking about the coming of mobile marketing for a long time now. I remember talking about it when I was doing work for one of first PCS carriers, Aerial Communications (now owned by T-Mobile), back in 1995 of version of blog

Mobile marketing has taken far longer to evolve than people imagined, but I believe we are on the doorstep of an evolution in marketing that will riv Read More
Google and Facebook both announced link shortening services this week – Google’s – and Facebook’s (mostly used in twitter and mobile shares, but takes you to my Fan page.)

your own urls Link shorteners have been around for years, but they are certainly getting hot right now it appears. Read More
The above podcast is an interview I conducted with OPEN Mic, hosted by Monocle editor Tyler Brûlé, as part of a social media special. Guests also include Adam Ostrow of Mashable and several very interesting small businesses from around the world. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!