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This whole social media thing for small business can be confusing, I know, I speak to groups of small business owner routinely and hear things like — “I'm overwhelmed, I'm tired of the hype, what do I do first, how do I find the time.” If you've ever found yourself saying something along those lines, I would like to let you know that I've taken Read More
There are a few plugins and services out there for blogs that automatically create links to content on the web. Some of these tools, such as Chitika are simply ways to monetize content and traffic by showing pop-up ads related to contextual text and others, such as Snap show popups when readers hover over certain types of linked content. Person Read More
Hubspot co-founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah have synthesized, condensed and packaged what I believe is one heck of a book on the new reality of lead generation. Inbound Marketing: Get Found Using Google, Social Media, and Blogs is written in a style that makes it extremely accessible to the smallest of businesses and gets my highest recom Read More
Marketing podcast with David Allen (Click to listen, right click and Save As to download — subscribe now via iTunes David Allen Getting Things DoneGetting all the stuff you've got to manage done as a business owner, might be the greatest challenge of all. Then of course all the new social media stuff comes along and the job of managing it all j Read More
Email service provider Constant Contact long ago established their role as leader in the industry. Today they unveiled Event Marketing a tool that may prove to widen that gap. Event marketing online has become an important piece of the small business marketing puzzle. With so much focus these days on education, publishing, and content driven ma Read More
Facebook continues to grow in popularity with small business to the point where it's no longer a matter of if you should be utilizing this platform as how. It's really no surprise to me that Facebook is generally deemed more useful for the small business than other social media tools, such as twitter. The Facebook platform and applications are suc Read More
Start, Run, and Grow Your Business I've had the distinct pleasure of working with my friends at Palo Alto Software to play a part in creating a unique bit of software called Start, Run, and Grow Your Business. This low-cost tool is full of advice, tutorials and free stuff for every phase of getting your business going.srg The software is ava Read More
The content below is brought to you by a sponsor of this blog. From time to time I will feature content of this paid nature, but you can rest assured it will be infrequent, editorially relevant and representative of my mission to serve and support small business — Thanks amexSmall Businesses are the driving force behind growth and innovation in Read More
Generating Leads with Slides This week, one of my favorite content sharing sites introduced a new way to generate leads. I've long been a fan of the social media sharing site Slideshare. Slideshare allows you to upload presentations, much like YouTube videos, and then have them converted to flash movies that can be viewed on line and embedde Read More
Small Business Blogging 101 If you are looking for a quick overview of blogging for small business, thinking about starting a blog, or already have a blog and need some tips for getting more from it, you might enjoy the following presentation I did as part of a series of webinars with email marketing service provider Vertical Response. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!