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Read our analysis of the ways March Madness can help you become a smarter and savvier business owner. Read More
What are the top 7 frustrations that keep your typical customer up at night? Put them down on a list and then match them up with a solution you offer that makes the frustration go away. Read More
The answer to this title’s question is, in a word, it’s HUGE! The marketing strategy must reflect and be and integral part of the company’s overall strategy, which is essentially, the CEO’s strategy. Read More

Marketing Mistakes You\'re Still Making in 2015

Marketing Mistakes You\\\'re Still Making in 2015 - Avatar Posted by ivanastaylor under Marketing
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Marketing is a lot like that slot machine. It shiny, it holds a lot of promise, but most entrepreneurs really don’t know what will happen until AFTER they put their money in and press the button.

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Do you remember your first website? I had created mine to promote my translation services.

The thing that really made me proud? The GIF of a mouse lifting weights right in the middle of the front page.

Well, as it turns out, everyone else thought it was lame. lol Read More
This week's roundup of the top 25 resource that are guaranteed to net you inbound traffic. All the best inbound marketing tutorials in one place! Read More
List building can be very costly for your site if you misuse the methods.
My latest guest post on KissMetrics blog explains how to capture email leads without looking like an obstacle in visitors eye. Read More

Your Next Boss Will Likely Be a Robot

Your Next Boss Will Likely Be a Robot  - Avatar Posted by Sian Phillips under Strategy
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by Dennis Yu

By cutting out the human middle management layer an Uber can save on cost, too. But it also means that you’ll have no upward mobility. A driver at Uber isn’t going to make it into the core team at Uber, which is primarily software engineering and marketing. Read More
My interviewer didn’t have any shoes or socks on.

I learned quickly that this wasn’t a pretentious affectation, but rather a fact: Nick genuinely doesn’t like wearing shoes. Or socks.

It was just one of a thousand things which took a little getting used to when I moved from a traditional mark Read More
Pablo is an online image editing tool from Buffer that makes adding images to Tweet a breeze. This video shows you how to:
Choose quotes to overlay onto images
Change the size of the font
Edit the style and color of the font
Upload your own image
Add your watermark or signature to your image
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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!