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While i was doing my routine SEO check on Findmyblogway, a little surprise welcome me on the screen. My Google Pagerank has climbed from 1 to 3. When Google did an update on their algorithm, Findmyblogway pagerank finally shake off the big zero and turned into one. Within two months, it has climbed Read More
An image speaks a thousand words. A relevant and intriguing image can add value to a already outstanding content. You are always scratching your head for an attractive headline, you need to create an opening paragraph that leads people into your content. Why not let the image do the talking. By loo Read More
If you are running a small business and in need of marketing tools and techniques to help you increase your business, then this post is for you. Read More
If you have been around the blogosphere for any amount of time then you’ve heard of guest writing. When done correctly anybody can make a name for themselves with dedication, hard work, and persistence. Read More
There is a new WordPress plugin on the block. I saw the announcement in Andrew Rondeau's webuildyourblog. Alongside Joel Williams, the blogtechguy, together they developed a new WordPress plugin call the Pro Blog Stats. Read More
I am pretty excited to inform Findmyblogway is officially one year old today. Yes, we have got past the first year barrier. Time really flies. I still remembered when i was just starting out, i am actually procrastinating in entering a saturated niche, the blogging niche. A niche that is dominated Read More
Are you an affiliate marketer or aspiring to be one, then you need to get glued on this post. This is my 3rd year marketing various affiliate offers, I have discovered 5 pitfalls that can limit you from making the kind of money you desire. Affiliate marketing is a very interesting business to be in Read More
.....don't convert your new visitors into loyal visitors. I honestly believe the hype of guest posting is too much in the blogosphere now. Everywhere online, big blogs, small blogs, you can see guest post basically everywhere. Sure there are a lot of advantages with guest posting. But think of it, Read More
This won't be a long post since this a weekend and everyone should enjoy some quality family time. I know we are always facing blogging challenges time to time. The questions is are we making things too complicated sometimes. Read More
There are many benefits to blogging. Operating a blog and writing posts on a consistent basis allows a blogger to share their thoughts in an informal outlet, establish themselves as an expert within a given industry, share and communicate with others in their niche, and improve their search engine Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!