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Blogger has a very close relationship with Google. We make use of so many Google tools to help our blog growth. One of the most common tool that blogger use is the Google Analytics. It tells us how people find our site, how they explore our blog and what can we do to enhance their user experience. Read More
Commenting on other blogs is the most easiest and direct way to gain backlinks, publicity,establish relationship and traffic to your site. Every bloggers love to see lots of comment in their blog/site. They welcome comments and it's a social proof that the post is popular and people love to join in Read More
Welcome to another update of my traffic report. As you remember in last traffic report, i use Getclicky to monitor my traffic stats. Since then, i have installed back Google Analytics and i have some interesting findings to share with you. Read More
Excuse me, i am talking to you. Why are you ignoring me? I am sure you have encountered this before in your blogging endeavor. It's common at times to find you are being snubbed by other bloggers. It can be in any form such as ignoring you in comments, tweets, facebook, guest post, JV and email. Read More
I didn't make this weekly roundup series a weekly affair as sometimes i never read enough. This weekly roundup series will only be brought to you if i stumbled post that i think is valuable and worth reading for. Read More
When trying to build a successful blog you need to realize the importance of getting traffic and you also need to know that search engine traffic is one of the most important types of traffic you can get to a blog. Read More
Responsibility is an important element in whatever stages of our life. When we are working, we need to be responsible to our job. When we marry and have a kid, we need to be responsible to our family. We just couldn't get rid of responsibility through our lives, can we? Read More
Your content is what makes people returning to visit time to time again but your blog design is what determines a good first impression given to your new visitors. Read More
Is there a definite answer for this? No, it all depends on what you want for your blog. There are always two sides on a coin and every debate has its own supporters. We are tied to our opinion and we can't force the other side to agree with us. Read More
This post is inspired by two posts that i read over the week. One is Honest blogger is Honest by Elise and the other is Why On Earth Would You Like to Waste Your Time Blogging by Linda Hewett in Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!