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Yes my traffic report is back. I missed two months updates because i switched to getclicky for web analytics. Getclicky is good if you want to have a real time monitoring to analyse and keep track of your web traffic. Read More
Have you ever write a blog post, leaving it lying on your post editor, don't know whether what to expect when you publish the post? Well, I do have those considerations sometimes. I have written a post, foolproof it, check everything and waiting to press the publish button. But these questions come Read More
As i am in the blogging niche, you will find me subscribe to a huge number of blogs in the same niche as mine. Besides that, i also have some blogs in my Google reader which blog about WordPress. Read More
I would like to apologize for missing the weekly round up last week as i published a post on Saturday. I should have been more discipline there if i want to make this weekly series a weekly affair. Once i think back, i don't see there is any problem as i have something which i need to get my though Read More
Who doesn't love comments? Bloggers live their lives on comments, do blog commenting everyday to attract more traffic and replying to comments in your blog almost everyday. Comments, comments we just can't do without it. Read More
It's never too difficult for me to follow you back on Twitter. Yes that's right. My interest is pretty wide. Though i am in the blogging niche but i still follow people who has nothing to do with blogging niche. I don't use any Twitter tools and i am relying solely on manual when i retweet or chat Read More
There are choices of hosted blogging platform like Blogger and and self hosted paid version such as Using a hosted blogging platform to blog is easier compare to a self hosted blog. As long as you know how to write, you can put your blog up within 5-10 mins and have wri Read More
I have been hesitating to do a weekly roundup over here as i feel that i can't assembled enough blog post for you to consume. This is going to change today. I believe i am missing the benefits by not linking to other external articles. First of all, i love to contribute to the growth of my blogging Read More
There is no single route in writing a blog post. We should always try to mix different type of blog post to intrigue and maintain the interest of our readers. Read More
Many bloggers adore WordPress if for nothing but their thousands—literally thousands—of nifty plugins. As with any selection of accessories for blogs, cars, or wardrobes, however, much of these plugins end up being nothing more than clutter. We must remember that a cluttered blog is a lonely blog. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!