Start, Run, and Grow Your Business I've had the distinct pleasure of working with my friends at Palo Alto Software to play a part in creating a unique bit of software called Start, Run, and Grow Your Business. This low-cost tool is full of advice, tutorials and free stuff for every phase of getting your business going.srg The software is ava Read More
The content below is brought to you by a sponsor of this blog. From time to time I will feature content of this paid nature, but you can rest assured it will be infrequent, editorially relevant and representative of my mission to serve and support small business — Thanks amexSmall Businesses are the driving force behind growth and innovation in Read More
Some authors and “sales experts” continue to perpetuate age-old myths about selling that need to be dispelled, says Douglas Smith, founder of Douglas Smith & Associates. Here are three of the biggest myths. Read More
To improve productivity, say psychologists Dr. Donna LaMar and Betsy Laney, cofounders of The Farm, you need to keep your people engaged and motivated in their work. Here's how to go about it. Read More
When Lisa Skriloff, president of New York—based Multicultural Marketing Resources, wanted to attract businesses interested in marketing services as part of a niche marketing effort, she launched a group on LinkedIn, the popular social network. In less than a year, 1,500 people had opted in. “Now I can reach the entire group by posting messages or Read More
Winning deals means you have demonstrated superior and differentiated value to the customer in their terms. Why do we insist on delivering generic value propositions? Read More
Sales people will tell you the thing they hate most about cold calling are the objections and rejections. Fair enough, so what can you do about that and still win new prospects, find out. Read More
how to avoid giving people the opportunity to steal from your business. Read More
Good tips on how to stay on top of collecting from your customers. Read More
interesting dilemma partners may find themselves in. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!