A year after passage of a $787 billion stimulus package aimed at improving the ailing economy, small businesses say they have not seen any of the funding. Businesses interviewed for the story says most of the money seemed to have found its way into the coffers of big corporations instead. Read the full story from Reuters. Read More
When a local community forum member posted the question, “Which shops in town give you the best service?” forum regulars were eager to sing the praises of their favorites. My hairdresser client was among those who who received accolades.

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Allow me to take you on a little journey, a quest if you will. Allow me to be your Sherpa on your mountainous traverse to becoming a Social Media Super Star! Read More
It is clear that the fancy features and laboriously positioned benefits from software companies do have a place in the market. These companies are great because they push the “innovation” axis farther and farther out. Sometimes, however, it is important to remember that blind allegiance to innovation inherently undermines practical solutions to common problems. Every software company innovates, a Read More
101 Marketing Strategies. Examples of unique uses of social, interactive and experimental marketing. Strategies using the principles of smarter, faster, cheaper. Read More
What is 'personal engagement' really?

Shane Ketterman of Five Forces Group says:

"personal engagement is taking the time, as a company or corporation or service provider, or whatever your business is and making me (the customer) feel as if you care, are listening, and update me on what’s happening with my product/service/project, etc." Read More
Softline Solutions shows you 51 way great ways to promote your local business on the internet. We talk about local online marketing strategies you can use. Read More
Here’s yet another example of how today’s technology can drastically improve your email marketing for small business. Are you leveraging your Web site to offer a virtual tour to showcase your products and services? Virtual tours can be a great way to bring your showroom to your customers, rather than worrying about bringing customers to your showroom. This strategy has been working for home build Read More
In sales (or anything else), one of the most important keys to success is persistence. How can you leverage this quality to work in your behalf? Read More
In sales you should always be learning: Where to find Audiobooks at a better price other then ITunes. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!