This article from Microsoft Small Business Center gives some helpful tips for protecting your business from lawsuits. Again, however, it's best to use common sense here and consider exactly how many assets you really have to protect in the beginning. How big a target is your small business for a lawsuit and how much will it cost in legal fees to Read More
This overview from gives a summary of insurance for small business. While the Website clearly suggests buying insurance immediately and bringing an insurance agent in on your startup, remember that insurance will be an additional cost and you will need to consider the value of such a wide range of protection before you actually h Read More
Small businesses are dangerously vulnerable to malicious cyber attackers that are capable of taking down e-commerce systems, and worse, stealing customer data. Cyber attackers have also been known to prey on smaller organizations to hijack their identity and commit fraudulent activities. Worse, some reports indicate social media and Twitter accoun Read More
I take my good friend and rising star sales guru Doyle Slayton to task for a recent blog post that states Read More
Following is a recap of the #smbiz Twitter chat on small business finances with expert panelists @yourowncfo @qbguy: @smbiz Q1 How much time should a small business spend focused on finance bookkeeping? #smbiz @stephaniethum Q1 Perhaps the answer depends on the size of the #smbiz. I am small but I do something in that realm every day to keep Read More
The author describes the one and only time that he has ever been fired and the lessons learned from it. Read More
Here are the top 11 add-ons for small business owners and managers. Read More
In this video from Your Business Channel, experts give advice on how to improve sales. Among their suggestions are a focus on companies with which you are already doing business and some advice on building relationships with prospects. Of course, the best tip involves the quality of your product and the experience it gives clients. Obviously, the Read More
Ecademy founder Penny Powers gives her most important business tip explaining how to be likable. Penny insists that the trait of being likable requires building relationships by sometimes admitting to your weaknesses as well as sharing your strengths. In this video interview from Your Business Channel she also reviews other business success tips. Read More
James Chen, a venture capitalist and blogger at Pure VC, suggests that government should be run like a business, especially in economic hard times. Unfortunately, he says that both the state government in California and the U.S. federal government have chosen to do what businesses know is unwise, trying to raise revenue either to cover budget defi Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!