Starting today, anyone can make their blogs available via the new Kindle Publishing for Blogs Beta program. All you have to do is make your blog's feed available to the Kindle Store, and Amazon will do the rest, formatting your content for the device. According to the email from Amazon, after a few easy steps, your blog should be up and ready Read More
Oil and the Euro Tend to treavel in the same direction (over time). This also helps to influence the UD$ downward. For these reasons, I'd say it's a higher probability if someone is a buyer of the Euro vs a seller of it. Read More
The father of Guerrilla Marketing, Jay Conrad Levinson, believes businesses can increase profits by investing time, energy, information and imagination — rather than money — in their marketing. Read More
Jonathan Ive, designer of the iPod and iPhone, has lost a claim for domain names carrying his name because his name is not a trade mark and because he shuns publicity. His name is not used enough in commerce to be protected, an arbitrator has ruled. Read More
Do you have visitors on your website wanting more information? If you don't provide them easy opportunities to be contacted, you might be missing easy opportunities to better engage prospects. Read More
While the closing, altering and economic struggles of newspapers is an ominous sign for the media, it puts public relations in a difficult situation. To whom do we pitch? In this article, veteran PR professional Michael Kleiner opines that this doesn't have to be the case and there is still value in and need for public relations. We must harness Read More
If you may be giving up on leads which are not put into a lead nurturing program and nurtured till they are ready, you may just be missing out on a future customer. Think about it. Read More
How good data turbo charges lead generation: An interview with green leads president michael damphousse. Read More
Behind every statistic about whopping job losses and the shrinking economy are thousands of small businesses battling the everyday realities of trying to survive with less staff and fewer customers. Three weeks ago, a group of entrepreneurs from peer advisory group The Alternative Board (TAB) gathered to discuss their view from the frontline of the Read More
Being in transition is tough so advice is often offered with a spoonful of sugar. While well intentioned, however, I think that approach sends the wrong signal to those most in need of candor. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!