Surely, if someone did have Grandma's Guaranteed Recipe for Job Creation we would know about it. ( It's just so easy to make and takes only a few months. Wow, is IT good, too!!! You'll love it. ) Given the reach of social media and the painful need for job creation in our economy and the global economy, if there was such a recipe shared digitall Read More
Struggling to find a job using your more traditional online methods? This post discusses how you can use Google as an incredibly powerful job search tool. Read More
The Cleveland Plain Dealer asks this great question... Read More
Toyota appears to have lost its momentum. And as the economy turns around and car sales begin to rebound, I predict that Toyota will be a lagard. Fresh companies like Ford, Hyundai and others will be on the attack, going after #1. And if Toyota falls as I anticipate, reports about Toyota will also turn for the worse. Read More
Joy is the gas in the salesperson's gas tank. How full is yours? Read More
With the internet moving as fast as it does, many individuals, including artists, are attempting to get in on it and sell art online to supplement their income. Whilst getting online and getting your own website is an important first step, the internet is a vast place and it becomes easy to get lost. To make sure you stand out follow these simple Read More
I have written many times about how I use "Automobile University" to continually expand my knowledge of sales. management, and leadership, but one thing I have never talked about is how the heck do I afford to do it EVERY DAY. Those CD's can get expensive right? They can and while I still buy a lot of them I also supplement them with Podcasts. Read More
This week has been a great week for podcasts in the world of sales. In addition to my own modest contribution on Lead Nurturing yesterday, a number of my friends & colleagues from across the blogosphere have recently posted new podcasts. This post contains links to them. Read More
This morning I mentioned the value of podcast to improving your sales skill, as I finished telling you about that, I came across a great podcast on lead nurturing that I have to share. Read More
“Well ofcourse you should strike while a lead is hot—isn't that way too obvious a statement to make?”, you might be thinking. However in practice, it isn't always followed by companies even those equipped with state-of-the-art lead nurturing technology. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!