Two very important marketing strategies are consistency and habit. Consumer behavior dictates that we have consistency within our lives and then we form habits around that. Marketers should consider this when creating and retaining customers for life. Read More
Kent Jackson, DDS is not only an excellent dentist–he is also an inspiring entrepreneur with a thriving practice. In this interview with, Dr. Jackson provides valuable insight on the importance of team building, time management and balancing work and family. Read More
Is Your Ego Too Involved in Your Business?
Entrepreneurs often decide to start their own business to bolster their ego. The ego is part of self-esteem and protects you from getting hurt. But ego shouldn’t be the sole motivator to start your own business. You might think that running your own business gives you control of your destiny. But look closer- the desire to control your destiny might be Read More
Every webmaster knows theimportance of SEO for a site; it is the means of survival among the search engines and the key to bringing traffic to your site. Read More
Everyone hates spam. Through emails or messages, these daily occurrences have been so habitual, to the point that it doesn’t feel right when you don’t receive any. The word spam may also stand for a type of canned meat but that’s not what we’re focusing on, instead we’re looking at unwanted messages, unwanted tweets to be precise. Twitter had an amazing growth spurt to about 600 tweets per second Read More
Looking to increase your company's website traffic through SEO? Then leverage the fantastic Alexa ranking of to get the word out! And,since its a Wiki, you can continually update your AboutUs profile so that it keeps pace with your growing business! Read More
This is a post by Mr Credit Card from Today Mr Credit Card is going to talk about some points about business credit cards. If your Read More
Find out why business marketers should not be trying to maximize click-thrus to their online marketing. Read More
Considering selling your business? Did you know that there are many steps that you can take right now to maximize your profit potential and minimize business disruption? Read More
Over the years we’ve seen hundreds or even thousands of business owners come through our doors. We’ve seen fantastic successes, miserable failures and everything in between. And, we’ve also come to realize that there is a certain order to the universe. In other words, there are certain mistakes we see over and over again, and the business owners who make (and keep making) them are usually the one Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!