Defining that they're is no such thing as a limit. Positive thinking helps bring out the best letting you know that success is destined to be yours Read More
The blog looks at how to write a business plan suitable for finding investment. Read More
In the January issue of Entrepreneur Magazine, there is an article on how one should research a franchise... Read More
Blogging is dead. PR is dead. Journalism is dead. Marketing is dead. I'm beginning to wonder if declaring something deceased and in the ground is happening simply because we can't figure out how to make something work for US. Tearing apart something that doesn't work for you is easy. Anyone can punch holes in something they don't understand. Read More
For the past 10 years I've been running a small educational website with helpful essay writing tips for college applicants. My site has a Google page rank of 6 and ranks #1 for multiple keywords and dozens of long tail keyword phrases. All-in-all I think I've done an impressive job at search engine optimization with over 60% of the site's traffic Read More
Know your customer well. It's the golden rule. We have all heard about it. We all know it and yet so many will still take a chance picking up the phone and dialing a random with a number from a list or their CRM hoping to charm their prospect and coax them into buying. It's not just phone based, emails and direct mails are often send with a hit or Read More
I thought I focus on nine ways that Twitter can be more useful for you. It's still not a tool for everybody (I don't really believe any tool can be). But hopefully these tips offer you some ideas on using the site well, regardless of what stage you happen to be in. Read More
Effort is important, but... Read More
Do you believe that you can achieve success or you cant? Believe in yourself whenever no one else will. Read More
British inventor, entrepreneur, and industrialist Dyson first came to notice with his design of the Ballbarrow, which won a Building Design Innovation Award (1977). Having sold his interests in this product, he developed the innovative G-Force vacuum cleaner. Unable to interest any European manufacturers to invest in its manufacture he worked with Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!