The question that plagues many small businesses today is, "How to Use Twitter to Drive Business". The key is to use Twitter in a creative way that fulfills the following objectives, and by using a Twitter strategy called the F.A.V.E model... Read More
SAP is almost synonymous with enterprise software and ERP solutions and if you are a marketer or sales person selling into accounts which run SAP then you would know within each of these organizations lies a little sub organization of those hired to work on SAP. Read More
The success of local currency is sketchy and anecdotal at best. As someone who grew up near the Canadian border and lived in a 'multi-currency' economy, I get that there are incentives when the values differ, but I'm not sure anyone needs another layer of complexity in the financial realm these days. What's your take on local currency? Read More
Don't put anything off, if you want something done for your business, get it done right now. Read More
Not ready to talk to voicemail during a sales call? This is a pretty funny extreme case of being completely unprepared to leave a message. Read More
Is your ego getting in the way of making you a better salesperson? Dave Kahle discusses why having your own "style" might be holding you and your organization back. Read More
The author explains the critical importance of relevance in a sales presentation. Read More
One of the great things about being a B2B marketer is you're pushed to keep learning new things and keeping in touch with whats happening in the B2B marketing world around you. Here is a quick quiz to help you check how in-touch or out-of-touch you are. Dont forget to post your results in the comments and share this with other fellow marketing pro Read More
B2B marketing database management like any other function of an organization has it's own language and its own terms peculiar to those who use them and sound greek to those who don't. Data-speak is what you can call it! No matter how vague or complicated any of these words may seem, they all have very simple explanations and anyone can learn how t Read More
In my multi-decade existence, I have never had a problem with Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!