Key questions and answers for small business beginners. The devil is not always in the details! This is a great article to remind all entrepreneurs to leave no stone unturned when it comes to any aspect of your business and to keep focused on your long and short term goals... Read More
In challenging economic times it's best to play it close to the vest. You can become your own boss on a budget by using your talent and creativity to bootstrap your business right to the top. This up-to-date list will inspire and enlighten... Read More
Of those companies listed on Fortune1000's list, 75% of those actively online have conducted some form of Social Media Marketing. However, 50% of these ventures into cyberspace were unsuccessful. Brands who are constantly working towards improving themselves in the new world of Social Media Marketing will naturally suffer setbacks in the process. Read More
Watch this video and learn more about effective management. Read More
While it is really difficult to quantify the start up cost, one must really determine the cash needed to start a business. Basically, the start up costs varies depending on the stages of development. Therefore there is no really generic method in determining the start up cost. It is important to know whether you have enough money to start and susta Read More
If small business requires a good business plan, how much more is the global business. In seeking an international opportunity, you need to provide first a global business plan. An entrepreneur should exert extra effort to do extensive research and study of your market. A global business plan is not simply a document; it is actually the basis of yo Read More
The basic rule in attaining internet business is to be open with new learning and developments. The learning process should be continuous and should not remain stagnant or depreciating. As internet business relies mostly on the standard of technology, it is important that one must keep in pace with the technological changes and advancement. Aside f Read More
This was written for a law blog but applies to any business. Here are 4 reasons why starting a business is like having a newborn Read More
Many investors look at emerging markets such as China as potential protection against falling dollars. No one wants to lose money any more after the market crash of last year, but neither can anyone afford to miss out potential huge growth ahead. Money is flying back to Chinese stocks causing valuations to rise rapidly. Are there still windows of Read More
How to Stay Clear-Sighted, Even in today's Economic Turmoil Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!