Looking to capture a little luck of the Irish with your next press release? This week’s big event is St. Patrick’s Day, which means you’ve still got time to send out an eye-catching press release for small business that’s worth its weight in gold (or at least a pot of gold). Read More
For MaryAnn Shank, entrepreneurship is in her blood. She started her first of several businesses in the 1980s and currently runs BusinessFinance-One Inc. out of her home in California. She is also a business plan writer, a web coach, and a blogger. While managing her online business full time, Ms. Shank is an active member of the Business.gov Community. She often shares tips on starting a busines Read More
With Google's new AdWords ad formats, advertisers can boost their competitive edge with greater ad visibility. Read More
Here's how to use socially responsible practices to help boost your sales. Green is just one example of how products and services can be socially responsible. Your product or service can also be socially responsible if a percentage of proceeds from its sale support a cause (such as “pink ribbon” products sold to support breast cancer research) or if it is made by a certain group of people (such a Read More
One of the challenges professional service firms face when starting a blog is consistently coming up with topics to write about. Back in September of 2008, I offered 5 tips to find topics to blog about. Here are three more... Read More
Playing Sales Whack A Mole? Not all sales are worth chasing. How to figure out what to pursue. http://bit.ly/cSXLgy Read More
I spent some time this weekend working on a SWOT Analysis for my consulting business. I've done them before, both as an undergrad and as a grad student, and I've always found them easy. But this one has been particularly difficult. Read More
I do my tracking at the sales level. Because everyone that comes to my sales pages generally comes from my existing list, I can do this without any Read More
Popular Seo Mistakes You must Avoid. While within the practice of Search engine marketing for your site and online business you'll probably locate out that there are lots of techniques and methods that developed search engines look at as unacceptable and many sites not only lose a very good ranking. Read More
Wondering how the top 100 Fortune Companies are using Social Media? They puts together the most respected and renowned names and here are some statistics for you..
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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!