The title of this great online resource for small business tips is misleading. Posted on the Website of SCORE, an organization dedicated to advising America's small business community, this page contains top five lists of tips for almost every aspect of small business imaginable. From business planning to legal and tax advice, this site has it al Read More
From LifeTips comes this great list of home business or home based business tips. Designed for the work-at-home-mom or any entrepreneur working from the home, the list looks at maximizing the work/life balance that makes home based business so appealing in the first place. However, it also focuses on how to maintain a sense of professionalism even Read More
Excerpt: Getting customers to talk about your product or service isn't as hard as you might think. A viral marketing campaign that provides them with a way to connect with others you serve, a compelling story they can share, and a subconscious nudge is all they need. I've found three strategies that make viral marketing especially contagious. Read More
Two hard-hitting quick, out-of-the-gate steps CEOs or business owners can take today to improve cash flow using a Software-as-a-service Business Intelligence system. Read More
Small Business Labs reports 26 percent of federal stimulus contracts are going to small business. Does this seem like a high or low number to small business people out there? How does it square with the number of small businesses in the US and the percentage they occupy in the economy? My impression is that the number seems low but I may be wrong. Read More
When it comes to small business branding, Ed Roach at suggests entrepreneurs take the center stage. Ed explains: "Stepping into the spot light makes you into an icon for your brand. It provides a genuine personality that a prospective customer can relate to. It authenticates your brand offering and helps to position the Read More
Small business marketing using a blog remains one of the simplest most inexpensive means of marketing your business. Being in the business of running blogs for other people, I realize, of course, I can be relied upon for talking about blogs all day and all night. But the fact remains that, despite the influx of social media (Twitter, Facebook, Lin Read More
Discover the book that contains practical guide to achieving business success using skills and personal attributes acquired through learning the lessons of what is the most successful sport on the face of the planet. Grab your copy of "Life's a Ball - Soccer Success Lessons" now! A goldmine that every would-be business success story must hav Read More
According to a survey conducted for Citibank Small Business, 75% of small businesses revealed that they have not found social media sites, such as Facebook and LinkedIn helpful in generating leads or business expansion. Read More
Every once in a while here at, we like to throw something a little bit different your way. Do you really want to start a business? It can be presumed that since you're here, you already run a business or are thinking of starting one. Watch out! Launching your own company isn't for the faint at heart. Entrepreneur Erica Douglass tell Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!