Probably the most boring and tedious part of running a business is keeping track of earnings, expenses and maintaining "the books". For me personally, I hate tallying up the numbers and documenting all of my expenditures, mileage etc... Hell, I have enough problems making sure that my checking account is balanced every month! But over the past f Read More
Starting a small business means risking an amount of money to compensate for the cost of start up. You will be facing a lot of challenges ranging from marketing strategies to business plan to goal settings. You will be risking all these elements because these involve your time and effort. At the top of this, you surely would not want to loss your m Read More
There are several new ideas for capitalising on Twitter in the world of marketing.Cause-Related Marketing: companies and causes alike can rally Twitter users around their mission by tempting 'followers' through an eclectic mix of incentives. From Grand Prizes such as plane tickets and cruise getaways to charitable donations, advertisers and promot Read More
Here are the usual ways that people search for those "stellar" franchises to buy...and some new ways, too. Read More
Are you running a VOB? {Veteran Owned Business} If so, it's time to brush up on some new technologies, and these webinars can help you do just that.. Read More
Romanian-based entrepreneur Cristian Dorobantescu presents this small business interview with Leslie Linevsky, co-founder of The interview covers Linesvsky and her husband's adventures in the online retail world but also gives ideas on finding and establishing a niche, even in the shadow of competing online retail giants like Amazon Read More
This list of small business tips for dealing with tough times is something every entrepreneur during the current tough economy (or any economy) might want to keep handy. Remember above all, that in addition to following some of these suggestions, you'll want to find things that work for you too. So create your own survival guide for these tough e Read More
Entrepreneur and blogger Tim Berry has this great post on small business and job security. Tim, in turn, is referring to a series of posts at the Small Business Labs blog one of which we linked to earlier here at bizSugar. In the end, Tim concludes that small business owners do have more job security than their employed counterparts...if they make Read More
Creating a buzz is a major accomplishment. It takes a lot of time and effort to achieve a buzz and create a sense of exposure out in the massive competitive realm of the Internet. Building an author platform is no simple feat. But, don't stop now. You have another obstacle to conquer....Selling Your Book. Read More
After a brief hiatus, the Motivation 101 Blog is back! Find out what Jerry Kennedy has been up to and why he has a new passion for getting you moving. You might even find the inspiration you've been looking for! Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!