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Sales and marketing – two branches of business operations that were once shockingly, inexcusably poles apart. Fortunately, as the world of business has moved into the digital space, that has changed. Now, as you know, sales and marketing are more closely aligned than ever. Read More
Wave Accounting has been around for years, and many business have been using it, to varying degrees of satisfaction. In fact, user reviews and ratings of Wave Accounting here at GetApp are mixed. Certainly, this free accounting tool is not without its fair share of fans, but noticeable grievances h Read More
Customer relationship management (CRM) is in a constant state of flux. As of late, CRM has taken on a decidedly social slant as the line between social media marketing and social CRM continues to blur. The last that are on our radar are three social CRMs that do social media exceptionally well. Read More
Do you think deciphering the difference between the myriad help desk software and customer support apps is a herculean task? Well, I won’t be arguing with you. There are a huge number of service desk tools out there, and many of them are excellent apps, which, although encouraging in terms of your Read More
Times have changed, we aren’t glued to our office desks from nine to five. (I know you’re singing it now!) We can move and breathe, giving us a better quality of work life than ever before. The software and technology that is being developed and improved every day has made us more sociable and mobi Read More

If the words “accounting software” do not immediately excite you, it’s perfectly understandable.

The latest cloud-based accounting apps are breathing new life into accounting in the digital space.

Once upon a time, you had to make a trip to the local “big box” retailer to pick up an account Read More
A love of your product or service is a great base to creating amazing content for your content marketing campaign. The next step is to come up with ideas for your content. Read More
In this third installment of our App Guinea Pig series, I’m looking at apps to help me add eCommerce to my new small business website. The eCommerce apps that you choose for your site is a BIG deal – and I truly don’t know what to expect. Read More
Automating your online marketing is essential for most businesses today. It allows you to get your content out there, to multiple networks, in a fraction of the time. Marketing automation apps are also great for nurturing your leads, engaging with your customers and measuring and monitoring the res Read More
There’s no doubt, eCommerce has all but replaced regular wait in line, mall-rat old-school commerce. The global end-customer eCommerce industry is expected to reach one and a half TRILLION dollars this year alone. Whether your store was built online or you’re bringing your brick and mortar to the c Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!