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GA90 Recycling is in the process of revolutionizing the way recycling is done in Africa. The company’s main focus is providing the means to Africa (specifically Ghana) to properly dispose of cell phones along with there batteries in a environmentally friendly manner. You may be asking yourself, why Read More
The term landing page often comes up when discussing e-commerce, but the same principles that apply to online business can also help you achieve crowdfunding success. Read More
Perks are an important part of crowdfunding. While there are other methods a part from the rewards-based model, this has been the dominant form of crowdfunding since the beginning, comprising 52% of the total funds raised in 2012 and carrying similar momentum throughout this year. The rewards-based Read More
For a long time, the basic crowdfunding model has been the campaign: a project launches, promotes, and encourages donors to help reach a specific goal by the end of 9 weeks. But what if donors could pledge monthly? Read More
It’s been said that if you achieve 30% of your crowdfunding goal, then you are well-situated to reach 100% by the end of your campaign. This rule is a bit confusing since 30% is less than half-way... Read More
Crowdfunding for athletes is an interesting concept, as it can only be done through donation and gift-based practice. The idea of funding an athlete’s dreams connects the fans to that individual in a completely new way, which could revolutionize the industry... Read More
Birthing a fresh, innovative concept is only the first step to a successful crowdfunding experience. In order to create a convincing crowdfunding campaign, a lot of time and effort must be invested in order to attract funders... Read More
QiKfunder‘s Fund it Back program enables project creators to donate 1% of their funds to a charitable cause featured on the website. Not only does this option help charities collect donations, but it also assists projects by highlighting those that have opted to participate in the program. This is Read More
Two new portals have people talking — so what’s all the buzz about? It seems that Upstart and Pave have transformed the familiar donation/reward-based crowdfunding model into something new. Using these websites, entrepreneurs are able to post ideas, achievements, qualifications, and other critical Read More
The applications for crowdfunding are endless. Up until this point, we’ve seen sundry creative, technological and even bio-medical projects thrive, but one industry slow to join-in has been real estate. Unlike these other areas, it’s hard for entrepreneurs in real estate to get their foot in the do Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!