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This past week I learned of ( Palette Gear ) a product that will be launching on Kickstarter in hopes of raising $100,000. Ed Sharma co-creator creator of Palette Gear has given me the opportunity to interview him, giving us insights on what makes Palette Gear unique to anything on the market today Read More
I came across a company based in the United Kingdom by the name of Crowd Mortgage. Their mission is to re-invent the way future home owners receive financing for their mortgages. Read More
The team at Playmysong has developed an app which allows you to personalize your music no matter were you go, whether it be a coffee shop, a party, and all the bars you enjoy. Read More
there’s a few tricks unknown to the average user. If social media can assist crowdfunding, can it not work the other way around? Yes it can. For example, consider offering loyal followers and fans incentives through a social media contest. This is only one of many ways to uniquely engage an audienc Read More
In general, there are 130 active “Crowdfunding” groups on Meetup. With over 27,182 members from around the world, this is a massive network! Similarly, under the “Crowdsourcing” category, there are 10, 782 registered members. Read More
There’s so much more to gain than just money — and this goes for both equity- and rewards-based crowdfunding. Start-ups with the sole intent of raising capital for their business model, product, or idea are missing out on the many benefits of crowdfunding... Read More
Crowdfunding has been behind some of the most innovative ideas of the last five years. But project starters must still be wary of the dangers lurking in the crowd. Businesses and artists that share their ideas with the world are vulnerable to intellectual property theft if they do not practice safe Read More
Let’s forego the lengthy introduction and get right into today’s post — there’s a lot of information to cover. During your next big campaign, watch-out for these five common crowdfunding mistakes! Read More
Tons of successful crowdfunding projects fail after their campaign as a result of poor planning. Similarly, many projects never reach their goals due to over-estimated costs and a lack of research... Read More
More than a year later, the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) proposed regulations have been reviewed and accepted by both the Republicans and Democrats. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!