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Danny Kelman of Firstly in our mind crowdfunding and social networking couldn’t be further apart, one of the main differentiators we have seen from people raising the money they are looking for and failing isn’t based on the merit of the idea but their own networks. People have f Read More
A large source of scepticism towards equity crowdfunding originates from the idea of “dumb” versus “smart” money. To mitigate these concerns, startups and innovators should seek crowdfunding mentors to help design, execute, and follow-up their big campaign. Such an individual may be found through a Read More
More and more crowdfunding platforms are turning to Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network with no central authority, though this does not mean the system lacks security or control. Due to the fact there is no central authority, it also means lower transaction fees Read More
“Funds raised by a taxpayer through (reward-based) crowdfunding activities will likely constitute business income to the taxpayer. Correspondingly, the CRA has clarified that in their view expenses relating to such crowdfunding activities should generally be deductible by the taxpayer in computing Read More
Consider for one moment that we lose 60% of our body’s energy to escaped heat. Imagine what an athlete could do if this energy could somehow be conserved. To bring such a vision into reality, 1st Round Athletics teamed up with a 3rd-party research team to develop energyDNA®. Read More


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If a photographer wants to capture a balloon popping, or a glass smashing against the floor, they cannot rely on their reaction speed to capture the photo. Similarly, for time lapse photography, our tools are happy to take a photo every second for days or months on end; people tend to get bored a l Read More
Indiegogo believes approximately 25% of a project’s goal should come from close friends, family, and fans. These are people directly involved in your life or with the campaign, those who often evangelize the cause as passionately and vehemently as you. Through such individuals, you then have greate Read More
The world of imaging is expanding with KeepLoop accessories and devices. An innovation of VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland), KeepLoop Mobile Microscope is advancing the abilities of camera phones. Read More
As a branch of equity crowdfunding, royalty-based crowdfunding offers investors the chance to earn a percentage of a project’s future revenues (royalties). How many royalties an investor receives depends on a variety of factors — primarily the investment size — but the main idea is that startups mu Read More
For localized startups, nonprofits, and innovators, finding and connecting with individuals in the immediate community is essential to a campaign’s sustained health. Since not every project intends to turnaround and set-up an eCommerce platform, building a physical audience will ensure continued su Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!