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Like any successful business venture, a crowdfunding campaign too requires equal amount of preparation and promotion. In fact, if a crowdfunding campaign is successful, then it paves the way for success in future. Hence, it becomes quite crucial for the project creators to create a proper marketing Read More
A Crowdfunding campaign gives you a foolproof solution to all the monetary issues you could face with a start up venture. Right from the financial aid required for a start-up, to building a client base, or marketing and advertising for your venture; crowdfunding is the most effective method. In sim Read More
From 2012 to 2014, the crowdfunding industry experienced a surge in activity. Globally, the number of registered platforms doubled. Now as high-profile projects continue to pop up, more and more businesses see opportunity in niche marketplaces. Without getting into region-specific legalities, let’s Read More
Crowdfunding integration will mean a lot to creators and supporters alike because it keeps things native. In other words, it stops channels from going to other non-specialized websites for funding. For those with many subscribers, this will help immensely with promotion, particularly since YouTube Read More
Not too long ago, undergrad students and post-graduates realized crowdfunding could solve their financial woes. Today, with student debt reaching incredible highs, crowdfunding personal projects simply makes sense. Many institutions have identified this tendency and offer courses on competitive cro Read More
Daryl Hatton: It is now massively easier to start a tech company compared with even 15 years ago. The market information research machine called the Internet, the best practices that have been honed and shared freely, the coaching, the angel investor networks and now equity crowdfunding were not av Read More
Owning multiple investments helps to diversify a portfolio, but the quantity alone does not spread the risk. Instead investors need variety, building their portfolios around different asset classes and products. For a long time, new investors could only access public equity and debt listings, but n Read More
Some startups encounter the business plan for the first time during an equity campaign. Although new entrepreneurs typically fumble one or twice in the beginning, these four business plan mistakes are harder to recover from. In fact, a combination of the areas below can sink an equity listing long Read More
For generations, investors have regarded real estate as the safer, less volatile opportunity compared to stocks and startups. During the economic crisis a few years back, however, property values plummeted and a substantial amount of money was lost. In a recovering market, investors are beginning t Read More
Traditionally, a designer works with a firm to bring a concept to the market. Before consumers ever see that product, the design passes through multiple evaluations and prototypes; it’s a lengthy, costly process. But in this scenario, the designer never truly interacts with the shopper. Through cro Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!