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One of the greatest crowdfunding boons is publicity: a campaign serves as a vessel for both marketing and fundraising. However, not all campaigns end prosperously – some even finish with tarnished reputations. To avoid public and financial ruin, then, one must ask how a project can turn itself arou Read More
In 2013 Q4, Business2Community reported that debt crowdfunding, otherwise known as crowdlending, represented the largest segment of the global crowdfunding market, accounting for just over half of all investments. Moving into this year, many crowdfunding portals expanded their offerings to accommod Read More
By no means is crowdfunding a new phenomenon: It’s a rapidly accelerating industry that continues to discover new applications each day. From healthcare to real estate, IT to literature and business to non-profit, crowdfunding helps projects garner capital at every stage. Yet despite such accessibi Read More
Crowdfunding E-Books as a Campaign Essential

To rectify the aforesaid problems, crowdfunding e-books supply readers with ample information to succeed in the industry. Although numerous blogs do document specific portions of a campaign, crowdfunding e-books have the space to discuss larger themes Read More
CrowdClan has equipped readers with information and advice through their blog, tackling sundry topics related to creating, managing, marketing and tweaking campaigns. With the release of Get Funded, their first crowdfunding e-book, CrowdClan looks not just to synthesize existing resources, but also Read More
Pricing perks is largely relative to both project and portal. As much as statistics can identify averages and bestsellers, the cost of a perk ultimately boils down to its intrinsic and materialistic value. One can calculate materialistic value by factoring in manufacturing, packaging, posting and s Read More
Michael Ibberson: By offering perks through the website, are you concerned that some projects will take the lazy route and rely solely on what GreedyGiver offers? How important is it for projects to put in the time and create a series of unique, representative rewards?

Apostolos Sigalas: If some Read More
By now, all and sundry familiar with the crowdfunding industry know that the real estate sector is booming. Narrowing the focus here, however, let’s look at hospitality crowdfunding specifically – projects that fundraise hotels. This is a little less common, but advantageous nonetheless to interest Read More
For traditional loans, applicants need a credit score above 700 to be eligible for approval. Although numerous options exist for those denied by the banks, debt crowdfunding has emerged as a popular and viable choice for those in need of personal and professional financing. This is because leading Read More
Rather than ‘thank-you’s’ or perks for crowdfunding campaigns, equity crowdfunding consists of actually buying a percentage of a company in exchange for funding. This allows everyday people access to investments in startups, which has traditionally only been available to accredited investors and in Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!